Ducati 1098 (2007-2009): The true-bred...

     Engine: Satisfying, powerful thrust from 3000 rpm upwards, impressive torque and power at the top, 160 bhp nominal value. Considerable and pleasant vibrations, make riding even more unique.
      On the road: Suspension which is stiff, provides feedback for whatever is necessary. Riding at a slow – medium pace the bike is very agile. At the fast mode, handling is neutral and steady, turn in is moderate.
     Generally its truly exciting when cornering , providing a tremendous feeling to the rider and doing exactly as asked by the rider as soon as he trusts the bike. The engine's twin cylinder power delivery is most helpful for a really powerful exit of the corner.
     Brakes have a strong initial bite. They are powerful, providing decent feedback to the rider.
      Comments: Nice shape, tiring though after some Kilometres in town even though the 1098Ęs thin shape and the more than adequate handlebar movement favor city rides. The cause is the bikeĘs character that tends to ultimate. You get rewarded with a big smile as you drive out of urban areas.
     The best trips that the bike will make, will be track oriented. There is not any need for any extra aftermarket purchase, concerning fast track days.

Price 1198 : 20200§

+True - bred feeling


-Tiresome in town or trip

1198, more, specifications


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