Honda CBF 1000 ABS, (2010-current): Few aces up its sleeve...

      The bike under test was provided with Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres, which fit in sport-racing tyre category. The result of the tyres fitted, was improved handling.
     Consequently handling comments provided are representative only using tyres of this category.

     Engine: The new four cylinder, liquid cooled, 998 c.c. engine, produces 105.9 bhp/9000 rpm and 9.8 Kgm/6500 rpm, nominal values. The gearbox is six speed.
     Actually this bike pulls from the low end, 1500 rpm, e.g. the sixth gear may be engaged at 40 Km/h. Very linear indeed, almost electric, without any hiccups or bursts at the whole power band. Powerful at the top, up to the rev limiter at 10700 rpm.

     This number is not really impressive, however together with the mighty torque, the CBF is really fast without making fuss about it. It will satisfy novice and expert riders, speeding easily up to the 200 Km/h figure, slower up to the top indicated speed of 240 Km/h. As it is expected from a bike of this kind, highway overtakes, donĘt require downshift, due to the torque provided.
     Because of the engineĘs 1000 c.c. capacity, it gets hot in town rides, the cooling fan will be on constantly in congested traffic. Gearbox is splendid.
     The sound of the engine is discreet and bass. It will be enjoyed by mature riders especially at the engineĘs throttle off operation. During the test, average consumption at the fast pace was 8.7l/100Km.

     Riding position: The seat may be adjusted at three variable positions, applying to the different riderĘs heights. The riding attitude will be changed from touring at the lowest position, placing the rider in the bike, to sporty at the highest one, placing the rider slightly on the bike.
     As a result the riding position is really comfortable for every rider. At the bike tested the seat height was set at a medium position, rider was placed rather in than on the bike.
     The width of the seat is average, so every rider may step a firm foot on the ground. The width of the bike is average.
     When the bike is stationary or when manoeuvring the bike, there is a relatively heavy feeling. Centre of gravity height is average. Actually the weight of the bike feels less compared with that of the previous model. This is due to the 5 Kg reduction in weight, due to the alloy frame and the use of a single muffler instead of two at the outgoing model.
     Tyres fitted were the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsas, 120-70/17 front and 160-60/17 rear.

     On the road: Suspension is between ride and handling front and rear. The fork may be adjusted just to the preload, while the preload and rebound may be adjusted at the rear shock. The linkage at the shock was abolished at the current model, although this has not affected the handling of the bike.

     On  urban rides, due to  the average height seat together and relatively high handlebar, the CBF is really comfortable, providing great control. Agility is good for the category standards, although there is a sensation of a big heavy bike.
     Suspension is comfortable absorbing road imperfections. Steering radius could be slightly better although itĘs adequate for 80% of the instances.
     During filtering the average width of the bike is a slight advantage. However the height of the handlebar is virtually the same or marginally higher that that of car mirrors. The height of the bikeĘs mirrors is the same with that of SUV mirrors. Consequently filtering is average.

     On low friction B - roads riding is comfortable, handling is greatly neutral and stable. Road imperfections will be absorbed, rider may ride in calmness. Agility is greater than what a rider would expect from this kind of bike.
     At the fast pace, the neutral handling is a great advantage. CBF will be effortless fast. Stability in handling, no edginess felt, will help riding in nimble pace.
     Feedback and confidence to the rider will be satisfying. Riding precision will also be helpful.
     The wheelbase is slightly increased compared with the previous model. ItĘs the opposite from what should be expected, agility is much better than the former modelĘs one. On a pace like that, cornering is faster on the current model.
     Rider will not experience any slow cornering entry. On the contrary, agility is considered to be tempting. However the comfortable riding position makes the front end feel light.

     At an almost pace, the front gradually understeers, asking rider to apply more weight to the front, in order to get increased control. This is not easy, due to the neutral riding position.
     However the fact that the CBF may be ridden in such a pace, equivalent of a track day, its just complimentary for this type of bike. The weight of the CBF is not a problem either at the fast pace.
     On high friction B - roads the CBF is greatly neutral, providing high riding quality.
     At the fast pace then, the front needs some of the riderĘs weight transfer. However the result is surprising.
     ItĘs an integrated bike, providing great potential. It will be just slower than a superbike.
     On the highway, the screen provides exceptional air protection for speed up to 200 Km/h. Rider may adjust the screen manually, up or down, no tools required. ItĘs a very stable bike on the highwayĘs fast pace.
     On dirt roads the bike is acceptable. Due to the high handlebar and the average height of the seat, decent control is provided for the bike standards. Some caution is needed as itĘs a heavy bike, tyres not really suitable and a minor slide can be dangerous.
     Brakes are combined ABS. They are powerful, providing relatively good feedback. The front disc brakes use three piston callipers while the single disc brake uses a single piston calliper. Feedback and power provided are improved compared to the previous model, excelling riderĘs requirements. They are considered to be another advantage of the bike.

     Comments: Although the tyres fitted were track oriented, it should be acknowledged that this bike has been improved. The handling described above is not the most representative as these tyres are not a common choice among CBF owners. However its clearly described what are the riding limits of the CBF.
     The new CBF (2010-current) combines an extremely user friendly character, its probably the easiest 1000 c.c. bike to ride, with a greatly wide field of use. Its more effective, even for occasional track days. ItĘs a powerful all-around bike, great potential.
     ItĘs a decent touring bike also, lots of factory accessories available.

     Riding the former model, some compromises were asked at the edges of the field of use. The owner of the CBF combined a variety of uses without costing him a fortune.
     Of course this bike is not designed for soil road rides. However itĘs a very good general purpose bike and this riding exception , certifies the rule.
     Design looks like that of the previous model, however this bike is considerably evolved.
     Lights and front view resemble to a CBR600RR, which maybe is not coincidental. Maybe Honda says “a sportier character is here”. However design looks mainly conservative, despite the contrast of white/black colour.
     Ń temperature indicator should be included, provided that this is a multi- purpose bike. On the contrary, an instant fuel consumption indication is provided.
     Under the pillion seat, a lock may be accommodated.

Price Honda CBF 1000: 9170 Euros

Price Honda CBF 1000  ABS : 11700   Euros

+ Engine

+ Handling (test was conducted on sport-racing tyres)

+ Multi-purpose bike

- Conservative design

- Temperature indication

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