Peugeot Geopolis 300 RS ( 2010 – current): Spicy French cuisine

      Because of wet weather especially during the period of the test, the pictures of the scooter might not be of the highest quality.

     Engine: The liquid-cooled fed via injection Quasar engine of 278 cc delivers 22 bhp / 7250 rpm and 2.3 Kgm/6000 rpm of torque, nominal values.
     Under full throttle acceleration, the scooter accelerates extremely quickly to 40 Km / h, very – very quickly to 60 km / h, fast to 80 km / h, easily reaches 100 km / h, 120 km / h moderately, 145 km / h which is top speed, slowly.
     On slight uphill roads top speed drops to 135 Km/h while on the opposite direction, downhill, top speed increases to 150 Km/h. Taken from indicated figures.
     Compared with other manufacturers employing the Quasar engine, the transmission of Geopolis 300 favors top speed compared to acceleration up to 100 Km/h.
     The 300 c.c. Quasar engine that replaced the 250 c.c. former version, produces higher torque, top power is about the same.

      Riding position: The height of the seat is large, the width of the saddle is even. Shorter riders will not step a confident foot on the ground.
     The size of the scooter is slightly greater than the 300 cc class standards. The scooter feels relatively heavy, 159 Kg dry nominal. However, center of gravity is low.

      Rider is positioned mainly in, slightly on the scooter. Riding position is neutral, compared to the sporty character of the Geopolis. Taller riders will find a single riding position most suitable, sited backwards, at the rear of the riderĘs seat.
     Tyres fitted are Pirelli GTS 24, dimensions are 140-70/16 at the front and 110-70/16 at the rear. These tires are a moderate option especially on average friction factor roads. If they are changed, rider will get even better grip.

      On the road: Suspension feels relatively firm. Suspension setting matches the sporty character of the scooter and the robust frame. A 37mm front fork is fitted (!) , while the two Paioli rear shock absorbers may be adjusted to spring preload in four increments.

      City rides are very firm and stable. Agility is average compared to the standards of the 300 cc class scooters.
      As a result of the above, urban rides are a typical example of a sporty scooter. On high quality – high friction streets, Geopolis provides a very satisfactory robust feeling.
      However street imperfections are not absorbed adequately, comfort to the rider is diminished then. The large 16 inch wheels cannot really compensate.

      Due to the increased dimensions, downtown traffic jam is not the scooterĘs favorite field. At the process of filtering, the height of the handlebar and mirrors are equal to the height of car and SUV mirrors respectively. This will impose some restrictions.
      Steering lock is top class. It will be very helpful on traffic congested streets.
      However the dimensions of the scooter often cancel the advantage of huge steering lock and decrease filtering ability.

      On B-roads, stability is impressing. The scooter is very solid and sturdy, something between a sports bike and  a scooter. Agility is downgraded compared to stability. This is also due to the rather long wheelbase.
      Riding quality is really good, confidence to the rider is superb, feedback to the rider is pretty good. However despite the natural sporty feeling, Geopolis is still a scooter.

      As a result, at the fast pace, feedback to the rider gets moderate, while confidence to the rider is less than proportionally decreased. Conclusively road handling at the fast pace reminds of a motorcycle, providing inferior feedback though. Road imperfections will still find their way to the rider.

      On the highway, the Geopolis 125 is a fully competent scooter, really stable, it will easily manage, even close to the top speed. On high speed cruising, firmness and steadiness are still the main riding features of the scooter, no wobbles taking place. Travelling speed is 120-130Km/h.
      On dirt road, the large wheels will easily step above any bump, however suspension feels very stiff for such a terrain. Rider will feel any ditch, stone, etc.
      Disc brakes, steel brake hoses, two piston calipers by Nissin are equipped front and rear The front disc brake is powerful providing good feedback to the rider, while the rear is relatively powerful providing relatively good feedback. Braking is exceptional especially on high friction streets.
      On low friction tarmac some caution will be necessary in the case of emergency braking as the front wheel could be locked. Once again the feedback provided by the front disc brake will be very helpful to the rider.

      Comments: The long and shallow storage space under the seat will be greater than an open helmet , there will be still some empty space at the front. A full face helmet will not be accommodated due to the decreased depth. Shallow shopping bags may be stored.
     The rack may be used as a pillion handgrip as well. A side stand is also available. The fuel tank has moved low and forward, under the riderĘs feet which enhances weight distribution. The front lamps are halogen, a 12 V socket is provided in the glove compartment of the leg shield.
     Maybe its not the most important information of the day, however the buzzer of the indicators sounds pretty cool.

     Pillion pegs protrude too far out. Fuel level indication could be more reliable. The riderĘs feet floor of the scooter is not level.

     The red stitching on the saddle, the red brake calipers, the two-tone wheels and mirrors' carbon look, amplify the sporty image of Geopolis.

     Quality built is very good. Except from the design of the scooter which has won the prize of MDA in 2006, Geopolis is a very convincing choice in 300 cc sport scooters category.

     Some compromises will be asked on traffic congested streets. However at a nimble pace on B-roads or highway, rider will be rewarded.

Price: 4290 §

+ Sporty oriented character

+ Design

- Comfort on roads featuring imperfections.

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