Bmw F800 GS ABS (2008-current): A mature choice

     Because of wet weather especially during the period of the test, the pictures of the bike might not be of the highest quality.

     Engine: The parallel twin, liquid-cooled, six-speed 798 c.c. engine, delivers 85 bhp/7500 rpm and 8,4 Kgm/5750 rpm, claimed values. It is manufactured by Rotax, deriving from the F800S/ST model. The final drive is chain.

     Actually the engine will need at least 2000 to 2500 rpm, depending on the selected gear, to provide an acceptable thrust. The engine is linear and punchy at the lower and middle areas of the power band. At 7000 rpm a step increase in power may be noticed.
     The rev limiter intervenes at 9000 rpm. Top speed is 210 km / h, which is a speedometer indication. Consumption is low between 5 and 7 l/100 Km, riding at a nimble and fast pace. The engine power provided is sufficient for the character of the motorcycle, matching with the bike setup and the brakes.
     Riding position: The height of the rather hard seat is large, the width of the saddle is narrow. Riders whose height is above average, will feel confident enough, stepping a foot on the ground.
     The length and height of the motorcycle are average for the standards of the category, which means increased. The width of the bike is rather small.
     The weight of the F800GS is moderate, 185 kg empty or 207 Kg full, while center of gravity is relatively high.
     Rider is placed mainly in, slightly above the bike, riding position is neutral.
     On the road: Suspension setting is relatively soft, front and rear. The spring preload is easily adjusted at the shock, rebound damping may also be trimmed. A 45 mm inverted fork is equipped, there is no linkage used at the shock. A Trellis type frame is used.
     Tyres fitted are the Pirelli Scorpion Trails, dimensions are 90/90-21 at the front and 150/70-17 at the rear. A tyre change to a softer compound will enhance handling, which is quite good. This is described further below.
     Town rides will be fully satisfying for tall riders. Average height riders will be asked to compromise in town. The Bmw is an agile and neutral motorcycle. Street imperfections are absorbed very sufficiently indeed.
     In the process of filtering the height of the handle bar is about the same with that of SUV mirrors. However, because of moderate width of the bike, that will not result in a problem.
     Steering lock is excellent, its very easy to maneuver the bike through city traffic.
     Due to the engine torque, a nimble pace in city rides is achieved using the low part of the power band, combined with frequent gear changes.
     On B-roads the bike is agile and stable, providing a slight emphasis on the latter. Comfort to the rider is excellent, relaxing rides or neutral commuting are enjoyable.
     Feedback to the rider is good, riding confidence is high.
     At a nimble pace, the bike will initially assist the rider to ride fast. Riding confidence is increased, feedback to the rider is relatively good.
     However at the fast pace it will be evident that this is not the right pace that the F800GS was built for. Suspension feels soft then, especially the fork diving greatly, under braking.
     It will be only at such a pace that the bike will demand a compromise from those few riders who will push riding to the far end. Although feedback becomes average at such a pace, confidence to the rider is not diminished. However rider gets the feeling that this bike is truly satisfying at a nimble pace, not at a …racing one.
     On the highway, a traveling speed of up to 180 km / h may be maintained. Due to the upright riding position, air resistance gets very annoying.
     A high frequency vibration may be felt on the highway when riding at high speed. The saddle can be tiring after 1 1 / 2 hour riding. The GS is very stable in sweepers.
     On dirt roads the F800GS will again satisfy tall riders, providing great confidence and comfort. It is very agile and playful, the 21 inch front wheel makes dirt riding very easy.
     It will not help rider to comprehend any dirt riding techniques , or set a lap time, however it will be a comfortable and very safe bike on soil roads. Of course dirt roads riding, depend greatly on the tyres fitted, while a decent off road tyre will deteriorate on-road handling.
     Two 300 mm disc brakes are used at the front, a single 265 mm at the rear. Twin piston calipers are equipped at the front, a single piston caliper at the rear.
     Braking is relatively powerful, very user friendly indeed, no initial bite, feedback to the rider is relatively good. ABS operation is felt by the vibrating front and rear brake levers.
     Reliability: There are no specific problems spotted. The chain final drive will require some attention, which should not be exaggerated by Bmw owners.
     Comments: A 12 V socket is provided. The list of factory extras is quite long on the brochure ... The petrol cap is located at the right side of the tail, the tank is located under the saddle.
     There are 3 switches concerning the indicators, one for the right, one for the left and one to cancel the indicatorĘs operation. The front brake fluid reservoir, vibrates too much during riding. The sound of the engine gets frequently negative comments from people around the bike, however it sound effectively filtered to the rider. The arising question is whether there was any real need for these three features just mentioned.
     Well, these  details should be considered  rather as a demonstration of an excessive and convincing bike character, than real disadvantages.
     The F800GS is a great motorcycle featuring contemporary design and a fresh riding feeling. It will satisfy those riders looking for something between a supermoto and a great long touring bike, within the specific class. This is what is basically needed in real life riding.

Price: 10650 §

+User friendly

+Fields of use

+Value of product

- Unnecessary tricks to boost bike character

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