Yamaha X-MAX (YP 250R) 250i ABS (2011-current): Capable-quality carrier

     Engine: The single cylinder liquid-cooled 249.78 cc engine delivers 20.1 bhp/7500 rpm and 2,1 Kgm/6000 rpm torque, claimed values.
     Under full throttle acceleration, throttle response is direct, except from the initial acceleration from 0 to 20 km / h, where a slight hesitation may be observed.

     The engine is quite powerful, the scooter is very – very quick up to 40 km / h, very quick at 60 Km/h, fast at 80 Km/h, adequate at 100 Km/h, relatively slow at 120 km / h. Top speed indication will be 140 km / h after quite some time.
     Acceleration and cruising speed  at 80 Km/h is  piece of cake for the X-max . Above that speed figure, acceleration is gradually decreased. The cooling fan is not operated often, even on summer town rides.

     Riding position: The wide, anatomical seat, combined with the specific space that the rider's feet will step on, create a comfortable riding position. It will not fully satisfy short riders to step a firm foot on the road due to the saddle height, 792 mm.
     Average height riders or even higher, will be satisfied. Rider may place the legs on the leg shield, which creates another leg position, suitable for relaxed highway use.
     The dimensions of the X-max are average for the standards of the category. The width is even smaller. The weight of the scooter is moderate, 180 Kg nominal full, centre of gravity feels in the middle of the scooter.
     Rider is positioned mainly in the scooter, marginally on. Riding position is neutral, really natural.
     On the road: Suspension firmness is between ride and handling. Two shock absorbers are used at the rear, which are adjustable to spring preload. The two shocks at the rear, feel slightly firmer than the fork.
     The tyres fitted are Michelin City Grips with dimensions 120/70-15 to the front and 140/70-14 to the rear. These tyres are an excellent choice for this scooter category.
     On city rides the X-max is a neutral and effective scooter. It is the agility that stands out in riding.
     At the process of filtering the scooter will not ask for any compromise. Rider will be satisfied, despite the perception related to 250-300 c.c. scooters. The height of the handlebar is slightly higher than that of car mirrors, while the height of the scooterĘs mirrors is the same with that of SUVĘs mirrors.
     Steering lock is great, it will be very helpful when commuting.
     Street imperfections are being felt by the rider. However this point is slightly improved compared to the previous model.
     Street imperfections are absorbed slightly better from the fork than the two shocks at the rear. However street imperfections are not absorbed as adequately as by the top of the class scooters.
     On B-roads the scooter is agile, firm, exhibiting a sporty character. Road imperfections are noticed by the rider.
     At the fast pace on low friction factor B- roads, feedback to the rider gets decreased gradually, confidence to the rider is also decreased. The rear wheel will over steer close to the limit.
      At the fast pace on high quality B-roads, a sporty character is boasted. The X-max is a very fast and comfortable scooter then, very well adopted on this environment. The new frame has enhanced handling, no flexibility takes place. Agility is also exceptional.
     On the highway, the lower screen compared to that of the previous model, permits the build up of air resistance to the rider. There will be no problem to the rider because of the air resistance.
     Single disc brakes are used, 276 mm to the front and 240 mm to the rear, two-piston brake callipers and ABS. Feedback to the rider is average, initial bite is quite powerful. Due to the ABS, the reduced feedback is not a disadvantage.
     The increased initial bite sometimes pushes the front wheel to the locking limits on low-moderate friction factor road. However, because of the ABS, this doesnĘt result in a problem of course. A disadvantage of the ABS equipped, is the vibration felt on the controls whenever it is activated.
     Reliability: There were some electrical issues on the initial models with a carburettor, 2004-2006. By 2007 these have been solved. Quality build is very good indeed on recent models.
     Comments: The storage space under the seat will accommodate two full face helmets and a rain coat between. The front helmet should be stored as indicated at the manual, facing the rear of the storage space. Compared with the previous model, the storage space is slightly decreased, specifically its more shallow.
     Riders feet floor is not level. The gloves compartment provides adequate storage space also. The floor at the feet of the rider is not step through.
     The screen of the scooter creates a horizontal line at the next 2 meters onto the road at an average height riderĘs vision. The scooter is not affected much by side-wind due to the lower screen, compared to the previous model. Also the vacuum building up just behind the screen over the 100 Km/h mark, has been rectified at the new model.
     The hook over the muffler will increase carrying capability. The red stitching makes design even more attractive. The pillion handgrips and the dashboard also boast a very nice design. The centre stand is standard.
Price with ABS: 5350 §

+ Storage space

+ Agility

+ Quality build

+ Fields of use

- Street imperfections are noticed

- Riding doesnĘt stand out at any particular field.


More, specifications

     Thanks to the motorcycle company V.A. Andriopoulos S.A., Yamaha's official dealer for Patras area, tel.+302610453904-2610452409, Amerikis 63, Patras, Greece, for the test ride.


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