Yamaha XENTER 150 (2012-current): No supersport pretensions. Superb rides, for the average rider.

     Engine: The single cylinder liquid cooled 155 c.c. delivers 15.6 bhp/7500 rpm and 1.51 Kgm/7500 rpm (10.92 lb ft) torque, claimed figures.

     Actually acceleration is rapid and powerful right from the off. The speed of 60 Km/h (37 mph) is achieved very fast, the speed of 100 Km/h (62 mph) is achieved easily and it can be preserved on minor uphill roads. Top speed is 120 Km/h (75 mph).
     There are two fake air outlets curved on the leg shield, which indicate that the engine is liquid cooled. However the radiator is located just beside the engine, at the rear of the scooter. An indicative average fuel consumption figure is 3 l/ 100 Km, (94 mpg Imperial).
     Riding position: The height of the saddle which is 785 mm (30.9 in) is average. Due to the increased seat width though, it will not be very convenient to short stature riders. At the rear of the riderĘs area the seat is elevated, which serves as a stop for the riderĘs body.
     The dimensions of the scooter are decreased, the width of the scooter is average for the standards of the category. The Xenter feels very light despite the 142 Kg ( 313 lbs) nominal weight full.
     Rider is placed in and over the scooter. Riding position is greatly neutral.
     On the road: A telescopic fork is equipped at the front and a horizontal, monocross shock absorber at the rear, which doesnĘt feature a linkage or adjustments. Suspensions are soft.
     O.E. tyres are Duro brand, with dimensions 100/80-16 at the front and 120/80-16 at the rear. They are considered to be an average choice. In case of an extensive low friction factor road use, its better for the rider to replace these tyres.
     In town, Xenter is a pleasurable and fast scooter. The small dimensions, light weight and the superb acceleration on town rides, will be really helpful to the rider.
     The riding of the Xenter exhibits a mixture of stability and agility which is relaxing to the rider, while it belongs to an agile 150 c.c. scooter whenever that will be required. This handling could belong to a very light 200 c.c. scooter.
     On downtown rides steering lock is superb. It will be most helpful to the rider.
     Filtering is really good, although the height of the scooterĘs handlebar and mirrors is the same with carsĘ and SUVsĘ mirrors respectively. This will not result in an issue due to the narrow width of the scooter.
     Street imperfections are absorbed very well for the 16 inch wheeled  scooters category. Thus comfort to the rider is an advantage of the Xenter compared with the competition.
     Conclusively in town the Xenter will meet any challenge providing fast, discreet and comfortable rides.

     On B-roads the stability provided is equal to the scooterĘs agility. Handling is very good and confident, reminding of larger scooters. Engine performance is also very good given the engine capacity.

     At the fast pace, feedback to the rider is decreased, which is mainly due to the tyres. Additionally suspension feels soft at such a pace.
     On the highway the Xenter will be adequate on short rides. It will preserve the speed of 100 Km/h (62 mph) then.
     Stability enhances riding confidence at such a speed. On minor downhill roads, at a speed greater than 125 Km/h, (78 mph), Xenter feels lighter, while it starts to feel edgy in case of adverse wind. It should be stated that XenterĘs review was conducted without the screen and the top case.
     On paved roads or dirt roads, the Xenter is robust, firm and comfortable also. Are there any off-road 16 inch tyres available to the market? That was a joke.

     Brakes are combined. That means that applying the rear brake, the front is also actuated. A 267 mm rotor is equipped at the front with a single pot caliper and a 150 mm drum brake at the rear.
     The front brake is powerful, user friendly, providing average feedback. The power of the rear brake is average, braking is linear. If both brakes are applied at the same time, braking is superb.
     Quality build / Equipment: The quality build is very good indeed. It is underlined by the fully digital smoked display, the self check procedure at the start, the wheels, the LED tail light and the curved Xenter logo. An external temperature indication is also provided. Taiwan is the manufacturing country.
     The storage space under the seat is very small, adequate for just a rain coat. The 39 liters top case provided is standard equipment. It doesnĘt require a rack to be attached, itĘs the same color with the scooter, utilizing the same key used for the ignition. Whenever the top case is dismantled from the scooter, a level surface is revealed, which allows carrying of large objects, except from the flat feet rest area of course.

     The hidden gloves compartment just behind the display is very interesting, it will be useful for a pocket camera as it is illustrated at the photo. It cannot be locked though. A centre stand is available only, which fortunately requires just minor effort to place the scooter. There is no kick stand available.

     Comments: The design of the scooter is nice, since there are a lot of interesting curves everywhere. One of the most neglected –in terms of design- areas on scooters is the leg shield just in front of the riderĘs feet. This is one of the most beautiful parts in the case of the Xenter. The price is also an advantage compared with competition.
     A 125 c.c. version is also available, which delivers 12.3 bhp/ 7500 rpm and 1.2 Kgm/7250 rpm (8.7 lb ft) torque, the weight is the same, 142 nominal Kg full.
Price: 3090 §

+ Price

+ Effectiveness-comfort

- No kick stand

- Storage space under the seat
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Thanks to Yamaha Center Spiliotis, Thivwn 129, Peristeri, Athens, Greece, tel. +302105777906, for the bike test.


  • Nelson
    i think the Yamaha xenter 125 should have enough space for two full face helmet. great bike. i have one. hope 2015 i think their should have the side stander , and the Idling Stop
  • Dan-dare
    I bought the 125cc to replace my Baotian Monza125cc, which was a lovely scooter but such thin plastic panels and not DIY service friendly. The Xenter is sooo much better, the bigger wheels mean I can corner faster and safer, the bumps in the road are easier to ride over and this bike is so easy the throw around in heavy slow traffic. I'm 6'1" and it is very responsive. Bad points, the seat is awful.............when you brake hard you slide forward and bang your knees on the front!!, I sorted this out by stripping the seat down, making a higher, wider foam insert and recovering he new style. Not much more: the underseat storage is a joke, just enough for a bike lock and small juice bottle! my best down hill top speed is 64MPH, nothing like the brochure stated! The wind resistance curves around the leg shields when its raining to soak your legs, it would have been better to design them slightly wider. The front handlebar pocket is so flimsy, tiny and non lockable, what's the point??? I've also changed the screen for a taller one, much better now, I don't get any wind in my face. Love the digital dash, controls are great, scooter looks cool, starts easily, good MPH, great pull away speed,
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