Yamaha R6 (2006-2007): The race track tool

     Engine: Up to 6000 rpm the engine is just operating. Its linear from 6000, up to the top end although for descent acceleration, engine revs should be kept higher than 10000, where there is a margin of 6000 rpm more, 129 nominal bhp. For spirited riding the constant use of the fabulous gearbox will be needed.

     On the road: The seat is high enough, sending some considerable weight to the rider's wrists in continuous riding. Suspension favours handling, so rider will feel road imperfections. The steering lock could be better when manoeuvring the bike.
     Due to the above, together with the engine operation, the R6 asks for some compromises on urban rides.
     Also the air protection to the rider could be better, however the resistance of the air at the rider's body takes away some of the weight that would applied to the rider's arms, in trips at National Highways.
     In all other cases, the R6 demonstrates its advantages, in a kind of linear way according to the speed of the ride. The superb front end, providing fine feedback and combined with the sharp steering geometry, results in excellent agility. Ét delivers a surgeon's knife precision in riding, easy change of line in the bend, while being steady and providing confidence to the rider, when charging the bike. The aim is to better lap times and the rider gets a complete package to do it.
     Brakes have an adequate initial bite, they are powerful and they don't fade easily.

Its almost uni-dimensional, asks for compromises out of track or fast riding. Pillion will feel comfortable for rides up to a bus stop (in the vicinity of the neighbourhood).

Price r6 2010 : 13300 ¤


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