Yamaha R1 (2009-current): More than a sensual motor.

     Engine: A unique imitation in feeling and sound of a V twin from a four cylinder motor, providing very high torque output, that may result in minor slides if roads are very slippery.
     For descent traction roads, the exit after cornering is very powerful and controllable. Rider may choose among three modes of throttle response.

     On the road: Riding position is sportive while trying to be comfortable at the same time. Suspension may be adjusted between relative riding comfort or fast riding stability.
     Handling is generally, greatly neutral, rigid and stable. In the fast mode, sharp steering geometry is evident, good turn in and relatively slow successive changes of direction. Brakes are very strong providing good feedback.
Compared to the CBR and ZX10, leaves a sensation of a full-bred but relatively less lightsome bike. All possible indications at the display.

Price r1 2010 : 17460

+Feeling of the engine at low - middle range


-In tight tracks could be more agile

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