Aprilia Sportcity Street 300i (2012-current): Sporty mood in town.

     Engine: This Quasar 278.3 cc engine delivers 21.9  bhp / 7250 rpm and 2.35 kgm / 6000 rpm torque, (17lbs ft/6000 rpm), claimed figures.  
     Under full throttle acceleration, the boost provided is linear up to the speed of 120 km/h (74.5 mph). Acceleration is  moderate above that figure. The top speed  of 130 km/h (81 mph) indicated figure,  is obtained slowly. 
     On normal traffic conditions, acceleration is instant and truly satisfying.  An indicative average fuel consumption figure is 4.5 l/100 km (63 mpg Imperial).           
     Riding position: The seat height, 815 mm (32.1 in) and the width of the saddle are large, thus  only riders higher than average   will step a confident foot on the road. Riding position is neutral, compact, providing alertness to the rider. Rider is placed in and over the scooter. 
     The pillion is seated quite higher than the rider, the saddle is rather narrow yet very soft, the handlebars are quite practical.  
     The physical dimensions of the Sportcity are comparatively small given the engine capacity, especially the width.  
     The weight of the scooter is average for the standards of the category, 153 kg (337 lbs) nominal dry, centre of gravity is low. Hence the scooter feels light to the rider.            
     On the road: The  firmness of the suspensions is average. The same applies to the suspension travel, which is 100 mm (3.94 in) at the front and 80 mm (3.15 in) at the rear.  The spring preload is adjustable at the rear shocks. 
     OE tires are Michelin Pilot Sport with dimensions 120-70-15  at the front and   130-80-15 at the rear. They have been discontinued now, although they still are a good choice. Nowadays, they are not a top class selection, especially on slippery roads.        
     On city rides the combination of small physical dimensions  and agility, makes riding a  very easy  process. The alertness provided to the rider by the riding position and the suspensionsĒ set up, which lies between riding and handling, results to a definite sporty mood.   
      On downtown rides the Sportcity is one of the easiest  300 c.c. scooters around. Steering lock is really great, rider will take advantage of any traffic gap in town.  
     At the process of filtering, the height of the handlebar is frequently the same with carsĒ mirrors, while the height of the scooterĒs mirrors is the same with SUVsĒ mirrors. There will no issue to the rider, due to the small width of the scooter.    
     Street imperfections are felt by the rider,  unfortunately even on bumpy roads, despite  the 15 inch wheels.  Rear suspension will often transfer road imperfections directly to the rider. 
     Thus it should be stated that riding quality depends greatly on the  quality of roads. This is clarified further below. 
     Generally speaking even on town rides, on low friction factor streets the Sportcity becomes edgy, wasting some riding attention, while on high friction factor streets it becomes genuinely joyful. In case that it is interesting to the nimble riders, this scooter is very fast then. Whatever the case is, the Sportcity prompts the rider for spirited riding, everywhere.     
      On B-roads the Sportcity is very agile, yet stable. A sporty mood is provided again to the rider, the low weight and small dimensions give the impression that it is a fast, smaller scooter.       
      At the fast pace on low-average  friction factor  Â-roads, Sportcity is not really  sure footed  on the road, it feels light. Feedback and confidence  to the rider are decreased.           
     At the fast pace on high friction factor Â-roads, the superb agility is combined with effective stability. Acceleration is instant, the scooter feels like a point mass, underneath the rider. Handling and feedback are nearly top class, its definitely a fast scooter. Due to the low weight, rider gets the feeling of lack of inertia.   
     However close to the top speed, some minor flexibility may be noticed. Feedback will be gradually reduced then, rear wheel will tend to oversteer, however its already a truly fast pace, that the average rider will not ever attempt. On the contrary sporty riding is fun on such a pace, with this effective scooter despite the fact that engine power is average nowadays for the standards of the category. 
      On the highway the scooter will preserve the speed of 100-120 km/h (62-74.5  mph). Above 120 km/h, the scooter gradually  begins to feel edgy. Air protection will also become an issue at such a speed, despite the small screen. Rider feels the air resistance on the torso above the chest and the helmet.          
     On dirt roads the scooter feels  edgy.  
     At the front end there are two 260 mm disk rotors, two piston callipers. At the rear a 220 mm disc brake is equipped, featuring  also a two piston calliper. Steel braided lines are used, front and rear. 
     The front brakes provide relatively good initial bite, feedback and stopping power. Thus they are powerful, without requiring any delicate braking procedure.    Actually the golden mean is achieved. On low friction asphalt, the front wheel may be locked relatively easy, although on high friction roads, this will be difficult. Expert and  fast  riders can handle even greater stopping power than this on decent roads.    
     The rear brake  provides average initial bite and feedback, together with relatively good stopping power. The front and rear brakes combination guaranties superb braking and  decent feedback to the rider, especially on high friction roads. On low friction  factor roads, emergency braking requires some caution.       
     Model history/versions/optional/reliability/build quality:  This scooter is very similar to Aprilia Sportcity Cube 300 and  Derbi Rambla 300.      These are derived from  Aprilia Sportcity 250 and   Derbi Rambla 250, these reviews are posted here and here.  Compared to Aprilia Sportcity Cube 300, there are minor external design differences, although price is lower.   
     A 125 c.c. version is also manufactured, engine power is 15 bhp. The weight of this scooter is 142 kg (313 lbs) nominal dry.
     Under the seat the storage space provided is  just larger than a jet helmet. RiderĒs feet floor is flat.  There is a 12V socket available in the gloves compartment at the leg shield. Indicatively the cover of  a pocket camera is shown at that photo. Ôhe nice looking rack  is a base for an easy installation of a top box. The kick stand is not standard equipment, which is not very practical.     
     There is no reliability issue, build quality is good.      
     Comments:  The air intakes at the front of the leg shield as well as the  red stitching on the two coloured  seat, emphasize the sporty character of the scooter. 
     The character of the scooter has not changed as time goes by. ItĒs a small (in terms of physical dimensions)  sporty scooter, in search of decent roads, eager to provide riding pleasure and fast rides  to  nimble riders. If this is not the case either concerning roads or the rider, then something like  a Beverly 300 is a more balanced choice…       
Price 300 c.c.: 3390 Euros 

Price 125 c.c.: 2550 Euros


+Handling  to the sporty side  

+Agility on city rides  

-Rides on bumpy roads  

-Edgy feeling on low friction factor roads 

Thanks to the motorcycle company V.A. Andriopoulos S.A., Kymco's official dealer for Patras area, tel.+302610453904-2610452409, Amerikis 63, Patras, Greece, for the test ride.


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