Bmw R1200R Classic ABS (2006- present): The integration of the naked-boxer Bmws

     Engine: The air cooled boxer 1170 c.c. engine delivers 110 bhp/7750 rpm and 12.1  kgm / 6000 rpm (87.8 lbs ft) torque, claimed figures. 
      The velvet operation of the boxer engine is the most prominent feature initially concerning the engine. The engine requires at least 2000 rpm in order to provide surge-free acceleration.  The torque provided at the low-middle area of the powerband is punchy, although at 6500 rpm a minor step increase concerning the power provided may be noticed. 
     The rev limiter intervenes at 8400 rpm.. The power provided at the highest area of the spectrum is truly satisfying, given the character of the Bmw.  Thus the engine performance will not set the roads on fire, however it will make the heart of any nimble rider, beat faster. 
     On any case, it surpasses the requirements of the owner. As it will be written later on, this bike has been built targeting to riding pleasure, not performance. The use of shaft final drive is not an issue, even on fast rides. An indicative fuel consumption figure is 5.8 l/100 km, (49 mpg Imperial), tank range is around 300 km  (186 miles). 
      Riding position: ‘he height of the saddle is average 800 mm, (31.5 in.), it will be satisfying to average stature riders or taller. The shape of the saddle creates a unique riding position for any rider, in other words rider cannot move on the saddle. 
     Rider is placed in the bike, riding position provides alertness since the torso is inclined to the front. RiderĘs hands are spread wide on the high handlebar.  
     The pillion is seated much higher than the rider, the saddle is soft, the knees form a comfortable angle, the handgrip is narrow. 
      The dimensions of the motorcycle are normal for the roadster category. The widest spots on the bike are the boxer engine, the handlebar and the fuel tank. The weight of the bike is heavy for an air cooled motorcycle, 223 kgs (491.6  lbs) nominal curb. It could be less. 
      On the road: Due to the   Telelever fork, the front end is actually uncompressible when tested statically. The Paralever shock feels relatively soft. 
     The bike has been equipped with a non-adjustable steering damper which did not seem necessary during the test. A single side swingarm is featured, bearing the shaft.  The bike tested was equipped with the electronic suspension adjustment system ESA, which may be trimmed according to the presence of a pillion or the riding pace, comfort, normal, sport.  
     OE tires are   Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact with dimensions 120/70-17 at the front and 180/55-17 at the rear. These tires match the character of the bike on high friction factor roads. On low friction factor roads and at a spirited pace, they have to be replaced. Spoked rims are featured, requiring tyre tubes. 
      In town the  R1200R is greatly neutral. She will provide comfortable and relaxed urban rides. She is a very user friendly, sweet and relatively agile bike. In  case of commuting the weight will be noticed despite that it is well hidden when on the go.
     On downtown rides as the traffic builds up, gradually increasing compromises will be asked. Despite the superb steering lock which will enhance the rider maneuvering the bike around cars, filtering is moderate. The width of the handlebar and the boxer engine which seems the same  is the reason for that. This engine width certainly requires additional familiarization  by the rider. 
     The weight of the bike is felt on very low speed.  Comfort over street imperfections is very good. Only big bumps-imperfections will not be filtered adequately. 
      On B-roads the R1200R is an agile bike, more than a rider would assume thinking about weight and geometry figures (1495 mm – 58.86 in., wheelbase). Agility is combined with stability, providing once more, neutral and pleasant rides. 
     The operation of the engine feels superb, the velvet sensation has a lot in common with HarleyĘs engines, well a European version of them! Thus rides without any special cause are very probable, just for the fun of it. 
      As the pace gets faster, the agility is decreased, mainly due to the weight of the bike which is felt in the form of increasing inertia. The useless information for this week: since the editor of this article is also the owner of a 1952 R51/3, which is about 30 kg (66.1 lbs) lighter, equipped with larger yet narrower wheels, the inertia of the old bike is considerably less at a speed up to 100 km/h (62  mph), at such a pace. 
     At the fast pace, the R1200R becomes  relatively agile when changing direction. The response of the suspensions changing the settings is quite good.  
     On low friction factor roads the tyres provide decreased feedback to the rider, rider will slow down sooner or later while the traction control will operate sometimes applying the throttle at the exits. 
     On high friction factor roads it will be only the weight of the bike which will be an issue to the rider. The front end provides relatively good feedback to the rider, the shock average feedback. It is then obvious that the R1200R is a superb bike favoring rides, not cornering. 
      On the highway the naked bikesĘ illness affects the R1200R roadster. At a speed higher than 140 km/h (87 mph), air resistance gets irritating. This is the maximum travelling speed. The optional screen is welcomed then, although extras like this often result in minor increase of travelling speed. 
     Additionally the Bmw is very stable, the seat is comfortable and the engine is purring happily at such a speed. Naturally, acceleration is instant  and punchy applying the throttle to overtake. Top speed is higher than 210 km/h (130 mph) indicated figure. 
     The brakes are ABS. Two 320 mm rotors are featured at the front combined with four piston callipers and a 265 mm rotor at the rear featuring a two pots calliper. 
     The operation of the brakes feels similar front and rear, they are powerful, user friendly featuring average initial bite, while the intervention of the ABS results to weak pulsing to the levers. Due to the Telelever at the front, the diving is small when braking. 
      Model history/versions/optional/reliability/build quality: The R1200R was introduced in 2006, replacing the R1150R (2001-2006). Since 2011 the four valved, twin camshafts, HP2 engine is equipped, which had just been installed at the R1200GS ÍŠť R1200RT models. 
     There are two versions available, the base model featuring alloy wheels and the Classic featuring spoked wheels, chromed silencer – mirrors and white stripes on the black color. On the exhaust an electric controlled flap is attached. Officially this improves the sound of the engine, maybe it also enhances the provided torque, something like YamahaĘs Exup. It doesnĘt look nice though, or better spoken, it looks genuinely German! 
     The bike tested except from the ABS was equipped with  ASC (traction control) and ESA, which means electronically controlled suspensions. Additionally Led indicators were installed and heated grips. The optional equipment list is very long. Due to the smooth bike character, the most meaningful optional except from the ABS is the screen in countries with warm climate. 
      The reliability of the bike is very good. The finish and build quality are superb. The thin white stripe looks magnificent on the Classic version, indicating the history of Bmw. 
      Comments: Regarding the editor, the R1200R is the ultimate offspring of the notorious Bmw R51/3. She is one of the thrilling bikes concerning motorcycling, a European answer to the Harley bikes, which means the exciting way of riding slowly and many times just for the ride. 
     Bikes like the Triumph Bonneville also boast a powerful European character, too much of a retro one though. 
     It is then asked the maturity of the rider to distinguish riding pleasure from the speedometer indication, or from measuring how much cornering is left at either side of the tyres, although this bike will certainly provide  fun of this kind. 
      The price at the version tested featuring all these extras is very high compared to the Japanese roadster rivals. 
     However combining the latest technology with the most refined air cooled boxer engine operation, for some lucky owners, is more important than money. 
Price base model: 13100 Euros 
Price Classic model: 14000 Euros 
Price Classic bike of this test: 15900 Euros 
+ ‘he essence  of the naked, boxer  Bmws 
+ Riding pleasure, even  on leisure rides 
+ Concerning all these optional equipment at the bike tested, a unique combination of technology and tradition, although these parts are not necessary to every rider. 
- Price 
- Despite the engine capacity, it is a   roadster. That means closer to  naked than  streetfighters. 


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