Yamaha FZ1 (2006-current): Are you sure you canąt get excited?

     Engine: Up to 4000 rpm, rider may just sight-seeing, as the engine doesn't have a clear and adequate response. From 4000 rpm upwards, the rider  gets rewarded with constant, high power delivery. Very strong indeed, 150 nominal bhp.

     Riding position: For the rider the FZ1 is relatively wide although it feels compact enough: the front end of the bike feels to be barely in front of him, while the rear just behind. The riding position is upright, the seat is relatively high, so rider is monitoring without obstacles the road conditions. 
     On the road : Suspension is relatively firm, the weight of the bike is well hidden, 214 Kg nominal, wet. On urban rides, the bike provides adequate feedback to the rider, it's very agile and the only drawback is the limited steering lock.
    Out of urban areas it's very agile changing direction swiftly while at the same time the steering is confident, offering nice feedback from suspension. It's really easy for the rider to go fast with the FZ1.
     Comments: A sportive temptation to play with when cornering. Fuel consumption is high in the fast mode.

Price : 12275 €



+Power performance

-Torque up to 4000 rpm

More, specifications


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