Yamaha TDM 900 ABS (2002-current): A chameleon

      Engine: Decent torque from 3000 rpm, linear up to the top end of 9500 rpm. Torque is the key feature of this engine. Adequate power for every possible use except very fast riding, 86 nominal bhp. Sound and performance resemble to a V 2 engine.

     On the road:
Rider is positioned rather low due to the narrow seat  at normal height. Suspension is between ride and handling, while the steering lock is very good.
     As a result, on town rides the high handle bar together with the narrow engine help filtering a lot, however a disadvantage is the feeling that the bike is long enough when the rider  will have to manoeuvre it among cars.
     Out of town, rider feels a mixture of frame stability with sportive origin, slow steering geometry, neutral handling, comfort due to suspension and decent braking due to the ABS.

     Comments: The air protection to the rider is adequate, while its a comfortable bike for him and the pillion as well. Engine is economical and the tank range is very good. If the suspension is adjusted for faster riding then some crude suspension reaction is noticed in city potholes. Despite the looks, TDM can only step on soil roads.
     For the fans of technology  progress, the TDM is struggling to satisfy the rider in various fields simultaneously while the original design was done considerable years ago, so it doesn't excel in any field, on the contrary it feels dated.
     For more conservative riders, TDM is still an honest bike that will not disappoint its owner.

Price : 9990

+Engine torque and sound

+Steady on the road

-Doesn't excel to any field

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Thanks to the motorcycle shop Tsetselis, tel. +302105737379, Thivwn 103, Peristeri, Greece for the test ride.


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