Bmw S1000RR (2009-current): Is it possible for a lion to be considered just a wild cat?

     Engine: According to the power mode selection, riding may change gradually from easy to ride to immediate  throttle response, from 150 to 190 bhp. There is just adequate torque at low rpm, for fast rides more than 7000 rpm are needed. Above 7000 rpm it really depends on the rider especially above 11000 rpm , up to the rev limiter, where power delivery  and speed achieved is unprecedented for this bike category.
Stable, rigid and secure, providing very good feedback under all circumstances. There is a reason that brakes are exceptionally powerful, thus requiring respect when traction is reduced, if ABS is not fitted. In track, turn in is not quick and the bike is always neutral. Feedback is really good and rider is always confident.
Acceleration and deceleration can be extremely powerful. For road use the full extra equipment is well worth the price as the bike is transformed to a little more friendly lion: a wild cat.
Price: 16200 -18000

+Tremendous power output
+Smooth operation of electronic extras - ABS
+Wide range of use

-The majority of riders will need the ABS and extra electronics in order to adopt to the motorcycles' potential.

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