Yamaha X-MAX 250i (2007-2010): Fast carrier

     Engine: Powerful enough, reaches instantly 40 Km/h, very fast 60Km/h, 80Km/h easilly and satisfactorily the 100Km/h and after a while top speed of 130Km/h may be displayed, 21 nominal bhp.
     On the road: The wide, anatomical seat, combined with the specific space that the rider's feet will step on, create a comfortable riding position. It will not fully satisfy low riders to lay a sure foot on the road. Suspension is between ride  and handling. In every ride the Xmax will be  firm, agile and present a sportive character. The front wheel is 15 inch high, while the rear  is 14 inch.
     On urban rides, road imperfections are directly noticed.
     If ridden fast, on low friction roads, feedback will be gradually diminished and the rear wheel will finally begin to over steer. Riding on high friction roads, which  is the most appropriate for this scooter, it's  really fast and comfortable bike, showing off its sportive capabilities. However if ridden hard, some flexibility will take place.
     Braking is ok, in emergency and slippery road, the rear may be blocked.
     Comments: There is a huge  storage space under the seat, where two full face helmets may be carried if they are placed as indicated. Riders foot floor is not level. Side wind affects sometimes the scooter. 
     Air protection is superb, above 100 Km/h some vacuum will be noticed by the rider, pulling him to the front. The Xmax was introduced in 2004 featuring carburettors instead of injection that is equipped from 2007.


Price : 4950

+Storage space

+Engine output

on high friction roads

-Road imperfections are noticed

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