Yamaha X-City 250 (2007-current): Sport and luxurious

     Engine: A powerful motor, which makes the X-City a high performance scooter. The speed of 60 Km/h comes really fast, 80 easily, and 100 Km/h adequately. Top speed just above 130Km/h. Nominal top power output at 21 bhp.
     On the road: The rider is placed in the scooter, suspension is firm, the rear almost stiff. ItĘs very agile and the steeering lock is very good. All the above together favor city rides, offering very good feedback to the rider, at the other hand making noticeable every pothole of the road surface.
     However riding quality is superb on soil roads or roads having tiny imperfections. At the fast pace the 16 inch front wheel and 15 inch rear, together with the suspension and frame, contribute to very good feedback to the rider, skidding comes gradually and limits are distinct.
     On high friction asphalt roads and at the very fast pace, some vagueness is noticed, some minor flexibility will take place and the rear wheel will oversteer. The front break is adequate while the rear is very strong.
     Comments: The foot floor is not level, on the contrary, riderĘs foot will be placed in a specific area. According to the rider's height and the speed, the top of the screen may be at the level of the riding sight. Under the seat, there is enough space only for a cyclist's helmet together with few little objects, while an all possible indications display will be helpful to the rider.

Price : 4290 §

+Fast pace

+Quality built

-Can be affected by side wind

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