Kawasaki KLX 250 (2009-current): Double life

     Engine: ‘he quiet motor is economy and low emissions orientated than performance. From 3000 rpm there is adequate torque and linearity up to 7000 rpm. At this point a gear shift should be made, there is no benefit  to keep the revs up to 8000 rpm.
     Nominal power output is 22 bhp and top speed at 110 Km/h. Spending very little money, power is increased a lot, providing much better performance.

     On the road:
Suspension is medium to relatively soft. The saddle is high and narrow and thus the riding position is up and in the front of the bike. As a result there is excellent supervision of the road. Even the smallest gap in traffic may be exploited due to the minimal width of the bike, the superb handlebar movement and the extreme agility of the bike. The handlebar itself is an exception as itĘs frequently at the same level with carĘs mirrors.
     Generally the Klx is one of the most agile and light bikes that a buyer could choose. Potholes and whatever imperfection may be normally on the road, simply will not be felt. ItĘs something like riding on a magic carpet. As a result, feedback is average on asphalt.
     Handling on asphalt or soil roads is very good. It depends on the tires that the rider will choose, favoring one edge against the other, that will need some compromises.
     On dirt roads the KLX is stable and comfortable. The distance from the lower part of the frame to the ground could be greater.
     At a very fast pace on asphalt lower friction roads, the fast steering geometry at fast bends tends to lighten the front end. Rider feels the rear end secure then, transferring some weight to the front doesnĘt really solve this. Therefore handling is not at the top on asphalt or soil roads, however is pretty good to both.
     Brakes are really good, providing exact feedback to the rider.

     Comments: A straight forward and minimal character. If the rider is used to this amount of agility and freedom of riding , almost all other bikes will seem bowed, long and heavy! From the other hand, every possible ride should be shorter than a short trip.

Price KLX250S 2010/11: 5290 §

+Riding freedom on asphalt and soil roads

+Unique agility

-Dissadvantage in riding on National Roads

More, specifications (U.K.)


  • Trninka
    Hello, "Spending very little money, power is increased a lot, providing much better performance. " - What do you mean with that? What is the best mod that is cheap for this motorcycle? Thanks
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