Honda CB 600F Hornet ABS (2007-2008): ‘he unwearying mate in or out of town

     Engine: From 2500 rpm, there is adequate torque. A very linear engine up to the top end of the range at 13000 rpm, the rev limiter. For everyday use in town, the power between 3 to 6000 revs is ok, while for fast riding or rapid acceleration revs should be kept higher than 7000.

     Riding position:
The riding position is relaxed, rider is positioned mainly in the bike. The handlebar is high, with very good handlebar movement. Suspension is to the firm side absorbing a lot of road bumps.
     On the road: On urban rides, the bike will easily take advantage of small traffic gaps . All the above make the Hornet a very suitable bike to commute around town. Out of town handling is neutral, the bike is steady when cornering, while the suspension again absorbs road imperfections. Only in very fast pace, feedback is diminished while handling to the limit cannot really be compared with supersport bikes.
     On lower friction roads, riding limits are distinctive, when the rear wheel starts to oversteer.
     The combined ABS brakes are really good.

The comfortable riding position in town is very relaxed for fast riding and tiring for trips. The large fuel tank results in a long range between tank fill ups.

Price cbf 600 FSE 10 Hornet ABS 2010: 9230 §

+ Ňveryday use in town
+ Engine

- Very high pace riding

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