Yamaha FZ6 S2 ABS (2007-current): Naked sports

     Engine: From 2500 rpm the bike will just start to accelerate. For a clean pull engine revs should be kept from 4000 rpm upwards. Very linear indeed , up to the rev limiter at 14000 rpm, a lot of power at the top, 98 nominal bhp.
     Riding in the fast pace, engine revs should be higher than 8000 rpm. As the power output is extremely linear, this number of 8000 is just indicative and depends on the rider and road conditions. Some high frequency vibrations may be felt at the riders feet, between 7 and 10000 rpm.
     This engine output , really good in low –midrange, and highly linear is a pleasant surprise from Yamaha for those who recall the early FZ S and the concurrent of the R6 power output, that needs serious revving to get going.
     Riding position: The lowish seat will accommodate all rider types. Riding position is neutral and comfortable for everyday use, the handle bars being high and wide. Suspension is more towards ride than handling, providing feedback to the rider for whatever is necessary, while centre of gravity is relatively high.
     On the road : As a result of the above the FZ is agile, comfortable and effortless on town rides, absorbing road imperfections. Rider has good supervision of the road conditions and he will take advantage of small gaps in traffic due to the very good steering lock.
     At the fast pace on B-roads its very agile, lightsome, it provides the impression of lack of inertia even on very fast bends. ‘he steering is quick, however the upright riding position is tiresome in the fast mode. Due to the leverage that the wide handle bars provide, together with the sporty character of the bike, the speed in change of direction feels like that of a sharper steering geometry.
     Riding is really confident on high friction factor tarmac roads. Feedback to the rider in the very fast pace cannot really be compared to that of the supersport bikes. However on medium-low friction roads feedback is gradually reduced a lot. As rider pushes more and more the bike gets edgy and abrupt, finally the rear will oversteer.
     Brakes are very good under all circumstances, one reason is the ŃBS, the other that they come from the R6.
     Comments: Sportive heritage is evident, riding requires constant driverĘs alertness , sometimes this makes rider restless. There is no problem with this S2 engine injection as there was with the previous model. The version featuring a small fairing provides very good air protection.

Price S2 2009 : 7740 §

+S2 Engine performance

+Sportive character

-On low-medium friction roads and close to the limit, bike gets edgy.

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