Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer (2000-2005) : Competent, even for today's standards

     Engine: From 3500 rpm there is adequate torque. Output performance is constant up to the top of the scale, 143 nominal bhp. For a decent acceleration, revs should be higher than 6000 rpm. Fuel consumption is average for this bike category. 

     Riding position: The seat is relatively high, suspension according to the adjustment may be between ride and handling. The bike seems heavy and center of gravity rather high. Riding position is relaxed and neutral while the turning radius is very good indeed. The bike˘s width is not really large, according to the today˘s standards bike feels rather long, and the handlebar is higher than car mirrors in traffic.
     On the road :On town rides, the bike is agile, taking advantage of gaps in traffic. According to the adjustment at the suspension, which is fully adjustable, the bike may absorb road imperfections or providing feedback for whatever is on the road surface.
     Out of urban areas the bike is still agile, leaning is neutral and confident, the feedback to the rider is good. In the fast pace, turn into the curve is neutral, feedback will be OK if suspension is set at the firm side . Otherwise feedback will be reduced, while on slippery roads, the rear will start to oversteer slowly and gradually, giving to the rider the time to make the necessary corrections. Brakes, that are derived from the R1 are really good.


     Comments: An all around bike that still is competent, mainly due to agility and neutral steering. There are many accessories for this bike at the market, starting from changing the screen which is necessary for a decent trip.


Price : 12890 ¤

+All around character

+Neutral handling


-Low down torque

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