Yamaha Cygnus 125 (2008-current): Light transport

     Engine: The engine of 125 c.c. accelerates the scooter to the 35 Kmph almost instantly, its O.K for the 60 Kmph, adequate for 80 Kmph, slowly up to the 100 Kmph and if rider persists the top indicated speed will be 110 Kmph after quite a long time. In a hint of an uphill grade, top speed is reduced to 100 Kmph, rider alone.
     Riding position:
The seat height is average. Due to the width of the saddle, rider will step a firm foot on the ground. Tall riders will barely accommodate their knees away from the handlebar. Rider is seated in the scooter , centre of gravity is very low indeed, almost missing and steering lock really great.
     On the road :On city rides, agility is balanced by the rigid construction resulting in firm rides in spite of the soft suspension. Front brake is strong enough, however the rear is stronger, locking the wheel in emergency braking. Due to the small wheels, 12 inches and the suspension that cannot absorb imperfections satisfactorily, road potholes are directly noticed, which is a disadvantage on average roads.
     On flat, medium friction factor B roads,  Cygnus provides confidence to the rider. However when riding limit is close, although there isnĘt any noticeable change to the rider feedback, the Cygnus rapidly becomes vague. Right next step is to slide nervously, making exact to the rider that pushing beyond this point, everything is possible. In the majority of the slides the rear will go first.
     On high friction B roads the engine cannot really bring the frame and suspension to the limit. When pushing hard, feedback deteriorates marginally and some minor flexibility may be felt, although this is almost a notion.
    On soil roads the imperfections will be fully felt.
The level foot floor will serve as a base for carrying objects, while under the riderĘs seat there is space for a lot more than a full face helmet. In front of the rider an open compartment is there for easy access of small objects. The lock offers a magnetic protective cap which acts as an extra (DataDotDNA) security.

Price : 2895 §

+Storage space

+Ease of use

-Handling on average roads

Thanks to the Karavados Beach Hotel and it's motorbike rental branch, Saferent, tel. +302671069180 , Kefalonia Greece, for the test ride. 

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