Aprilia Atlantic 500 (2002-2006): Size and confidence.

    Engine: The single cylinder engine of 500c.c., delivers 37 claimed bhp, which is enough to make this scooter go really fast. Power delivery is progressive and is enough even for sporty riding. For adequate thrust more than 4000 rpm are required,  top indicated speed is 155 Km/h.

    Riding position: The seat height is average. The seat width is medium thus, all rider heights will  lay a firm foot on the ground. This is necessary due to the increased weight and the relatively high centre of gravity. The combination of the above requires some caution compared to that needed for smaller scooter riding, especially  for riders who are not used to super scooters.
    Rider is positioned comfortably in and on the scooter. If he moves his body backwards towards the pillionĘs seat, riding position is as comfortable as it can ever get, with truly relaxed angles for the feet and hands. Front suspension is just to the soft side. The rear suspension is adjustable, it's rather hard, often causing kind of abrupt reaction which is not ideal for this scooter type, with or without pillion. By adjusting the rear suspension, Atlantic becomes more comfortable.
    On roads with many potholes the rear suspension can be crude. However the scooter is generally comfortable. The  wheels have dimensions  120-70-15 and 140-60-14. The scooter features large storage spaces, thus the width is increased. The turning radius is superb although the weight and inertia affect slow speed agility compared to that of smaller scooters.
    On the road: ‘own rides are easy enough as long as it is not needed to take advantage of small traffic gaps and try filtering. Handling combines stability and agility to the maximum.
    On medium friction B roads handling is greatly neutral, close to the limit the power output is enough to oversteer the rear wheel at the exit of the corners while the front gets slightly vague and light. A decent pair of tires improves handling a lot under these circumstances, revealing a sportive character, managing very fast rides for a scooter.
    On high friction roads its very agile and steady, sure footed with any kind of flexibility under the stress of the bends, in such a degree that ground clearance is questioned.
    On highways its very stable up to the top speed. In strong wind the scooter is affected a lot, especially if the ride is close to the top speed which results in unwelcomed oscillations. Without the effect of the wind, at very fast bends a hint of flexibility could be noticed, nothing more than that. At about 80 Km/h a vacuum will be noticed, pulling the rider to the front, especially if he bends forward. If he is sitted backwards, this takes effect at 100 Km/h. At speeds higher than 120 Km/h, vacuum is strong.
    On soil roads riding quality is good, as imperfections are generally absorbed.
    Brakes are user friendly. They are combined, an ABS version is also available. In the front, two brake rotors and plastic brake hoses are used, while at the rear steel brake hose is used. There isnĘt any initial bite when braking, the front is weak and the rear good. On high friction road, new tyres fitted, it was not possible to lock any wheel when braking, no matter the high braking force applied.

The curve of the screen from left to the right distorts the riderĘs view, up to 2-3 meters in front of the scooter for a medium size rider. The panel features all possible indications, including air temperature and fuel consumption.
    The riderĘs foot floor is not level. There is a minor storage space in the front, under the seat there is space for two helmets and an extra rear top box is available.

Price: 6035§

+ Handling
+Storage space
+Quality built

-User friendly brakes
-Rear suspension on potholes

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