Yamaha T-MAX 500 ABS (2001-current): Integrated product of three into one

     Engine: The twin cylinder engine of 500c.c. produces a nominal 43,5 bhp. As a distinct sportive scooter an rpm meter would be appreciated.
     Power delivery is progressive , being rather user friendly up to 60 Km/h, especially on low friction roads. At speeds higher than 60 Km/h power delivery is stronger, linear however, accelerating very easily up to 120 Km/h, after a while a speed of 175 Km/h will be indicated.

     Riding position: The seat height is average, large in dimensions though, placing the rider rather on top of the scooter than in it, while the foot floor is rather high. Therefore riding position is comfortable and neutral, rider will easily supervise the traffic, although short riders will not step a firm foot on the ground. Despite the real weight and given the engine capacity, the scooter has a light feeling , while centre of gravity is average. The scooterĘs width is relatively increased. Compared to the scooter category standards suspension is firm, while compared to the motorcycleĘs standards its normal.
     On the road : On urban rides the T-max provides the impression of a user friendly bike, stiff though. The disadvantages are the steering radius which could be slightly better, the handle bar is at car mirrorĘs height and the increased dimensions will not really permit the scooter to take advantage of every gap in traffic. The Tmax absorbs potholes easily, delivering feedback and comfort that actually lies between 16 inch wheel scooters and motorcycles, despite the dimension of the wheels, 120-70-15 In the front and 160-60-15 rear.
     Out of urban areas the Tmax is considered to be as agile as the majority of super scooters although very stable indeed, inspiring confidence. When travelling the air protection is good although taller riders may need a larger screen.
     Brakes are also motorcycle oriented , the front features four caliper, twin discs, itĘs really powerful, strong initial bite, the rear is average. Thus, ABS is a real advantage, especially when riding on low friction roads.

The top of the screen reduces vision clarity for the following 3-4 road meters for a medium height rider. Under the seat there is storage space a little larger than a full face helmet , while in the front there are two glove compartments that cannot be locked.
     Due to the height of the scooterĘs frame, a medium height rider should follow the procedure of getting on and off a motorbike, that is passing a foot over the seat, which is a little awkward in frequent short rides.
     The unique real disadvantage of the Tmax is the tag price.  «owever rider will rely on it for a wide variety of uses, making some compromises at riding boundaries like heavy traffic congestion, top riding handling, or travelling speed higher than 150 Km/h.

Price : 10650 §

+ Integrated product of three into one


- Absence of rpm meter

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  • Darren
    It has a digital rpm meter, but why do you need it on an automatic cvt ?
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