Kymco Downtown 300i (2009-current) : An integrated suggestion

     Engine: The 300 c.c. engine delivers 32,4 nominal bhp at 8000 rpm and 33,9 Nm at 6500 rpm. Power is decent, especially above 6000 rpm.
     The acceleration is superb, 40 Km/h comes instantly, at low friction roads the rear wheel will start skidding at the deliberate abrupt opening of the throttle, 60 Km/h comes fast, 80 Km/h well, 100 Km/h adequately. ItĘs comfortable at 120 Km/h which may be considered as a cruising speed.
     The only drawback is that at this speed a vacuum appears just behind the screen. Top speed will be higher than 150 Km/h on the display.
     On the road: The seat height is moderate, the width of the seat though is increased , spreading the legs away from the scooter. Short riders will not be most confident as they lay a foot on the ground. The width of the scooter is average.
     On town rides it will not help or bother, although, altogether Downtown is a bulky scooter. Thus it will filter, but it canĘt really take advantage of small traffic gaps. The handlebar is at the same height with the carĘs mirrors. Contrary to this, itĘs a really agile scooter, that will change direction really fast.
     The weight feels little, its 165 Kgs empty nominal, centre of gravity feels low as well, the bulky figure makes rider ready for a heavier scooter. ItĘs obvious that Kymco have done some nice work concerning weight and this should be mentioned.
     The riding position places the rider mostly in the scooter, due to the high handlebar itĘs a comfortable scooter to ride. Nice steering radius is very useful for town rides.
     Suspension is rather soft in the front, the rear is Ō . There is a 37 mm telescopic fork in the front, the rear suspension is preload adjustable. The 120-80-14 wheel in the front and 150-73-13 rear provide comfort from the front end. Some expected weakness of the rear  is there, to fully absorb the road imperfections.
     On high friction roads, handling is neutral , inspiring confidence.
     Disc brakes are superb, on one condition though, ABS, they may provide confidence which is equal to the power. They decelerate the scooter with great stopping power, nice initial bite and  feedback for the category standards. They feature waving rotors, steel hoses. The front is strong and on low friction roads it may lock the front wheel, the rear is powerful enough.
     As a result to obtain the maximum from this great braking power, ABS is a must, and costs only 300§.
     Comments: Quality built is evident. The top of the screen is really thin in order not to affect riding vision. Its a nice detail, since an average rider will see through the screen for the next 5 meters of the road. Under the seat there is a storage room accommodating two full face helmets. At the front a mobile – gloves compartment with a 12V supply installed and a tire pressure indication at the display. The lock is provided with an extra anti thief protective cap.
     RiderĘs foot floor is not level, on the contrary there is a rather tall barrier between the riderĘs legs. This is a disadvantage in frequent short rides. The seat is comfortable for the pillion as well.

Price DOWNTOWN 300i: 4395 §
Price DOWNTOWN 300i ABS : 4785 §

+ Handling

+ Brakes (ABS)

+Storage space

+Dynamic design

+Quality built

-Riding in traffic congestion. (If it was not called Downtown, it would not be a real disadvantage).


Thanks to the motorcycle company V.A. Andriopoulos S.A., Kymco's official dealer for Patras area, tel.+302610453904-2610452409, Amerikis 63, Patras, Greece, for the test ride.


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