Yamaha TT 250R (1997-2005): Mountain ride anyone?

     Engine: The restricted single cylinder engine of 249 c.c. delivers 19 nominal bhp. On tarmac roads its adequate up to 120 Km/h, due to the short gearing mainly. There is no rpm meter, horsepower may be increased by few tweaks on the engine.

     Riding position: The riderĘs seat is high, although narrow. At the last models of 2004-5 its even higher, soft suspension makes the bike lower, due to the riderĘs weight which is applied on top. Rider is sited really high, riding position is on top of the bike, kind of racing. ItĘs a narrow bike, with huge steering lock, little weight, that will take advantage of every traffic gap or get the rider going at the narrowest path on the hill. Riding position is suitable to tall riders only, apart from this its not an unconditional bike, it will ride confidently on various fields.
     On the road : Tarmac or soil roads, handling is agile, light and neutral. Suspension absorbs everything, brakes are decent providing nice feedback for the category standards. Charging the bike reveals soft suspension as well as weak power output. Handling is greatly affected by the tires chosen by the rider favoring tarmac or soil road handling.

     Comments: The TT will be used between town rides where a light, agile and Spartan bike is needed and soil road exploration rides, asking only for a …tall rider.


Price : -

+Engine reliability

+Price used

+Soil road exploration rides


-Highway rides

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Tsetselis, tel. +302105737379, Thivwn 103, Peristeri, Greece for the test ride.


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