Yamaha Crypton X 135 (available as Sniper, Jupiter, 135LC, Exciter in several countries)(2007-current): Powerful - agile urban runner

     Engine: The powerful liquid cooled engine of 134.4 c.c. delivers in a linear way almost to the whole power band, except from the low end, where operation is average, thanks to injection. Power output is weak at the bottom end. Gearing and gear box are really good.
     At the limit of engine revs, first gear delivers 40 Km/h fast enough, second gear 60 Km/h adequately, third 80 Km/h feels average, fourth delivers faster than 110 Km/h indicated top speed, which requires considerable time and space to be achieved. Power output at high rpms is impressive for the category standards, 12.6 nominal bhp at 8500 rpm and 12,28 Nm at 6000 rpm torque.
     The bike tested was new, thus performance described is inferior to what the future rider will achieve, after a few thousand kilometers. Actually few weeks later, a complementary test ride was conducted, using a bike that had covered 20000 Km, the first gear delivered 40 Km/h, second gear 65 Km/h, third 105 Km/h and fourth 135 Km/h.

     Riding position: The seat height is low, the width is adequate, thus all riders will step firm feet on the ground. Dimensions are average for the category standards, weight seems little, center of gravity feels low. Riding position is neutral and rider is placed in and on the Crypton. Suspension is to the soft side, resulting in really comfortable town rides.
     On the road: On urban rides the light feeling, the masses of steering lock which permits really tight turning radius. It will take advantage of every traffic gap, the relaxed filtering and superb agility are combined with comfort to the rider. Suspension not only absorbs road imperfections well, it also provides a firm feeling to the bike and feedback to the rider for whatever is necessary for him to know.
     On low friction B roads agility is still superb, comfort and feedback are decent, while the bikeĘs firm feeling and neutral handling  are  an advantage at a higher riding pace.
     On high friction roads suspension feels slighly soft.
     Brakes are  really powerful, providing nice feedback, a disc brake in the front, a drum brake at the rear. Some caution will be required on low friction roads if an emergency braking is needed.

     Comments: Yamaha X135 aims to rider who need a very agile, comfortable, stylish and powerful bike. Two versions are available, featuring spokes and discreet graphics or alloy wheels, classy graphics.
     ‘he only real disadvantage is the fuel injection operation at the low end of engine power band. Also the side stand could be included in the price as a standard, it is sold as an optional.

Price Crypton X : 2540 §, Crypton X Special : 2700 §



+Top bhp

-Fuel injection operation at lowest rpm


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