Modenas X-cite 135 (2008-2011): Passe-partout in the cub category

     ‘his bike is very similar to Kawasaki ZX 130 which has  also been  reviewed.

     Engine: The single cylinder, semi automatic , air cooled engine of 130 c.c., fed via a carburetor, is very linear from the low end of the power band.  Maximum horsepower 10 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11Nm at 5500 rpm torque, nominal values. On the display there is an indication of the selected gear at the gearbox, and an rpm meter.
     Rider feels like the low end of the power band during acceleration is the 3800 rpm area, since there is an rpm meter, rider will notice that. However there is not real meaning in this as a number, selecting 4th gear a top speed of 120 K/h will be displayed.

     Actually first gear provides 45 Km/h top speed, second 78 Km/h, third 110 Km/h and after quite a lot of time, fourth, 120 Km/h. On a steep long downhill road a top speed of 135 Km/h will be achieved, rev limiter at 9500 rpm.
     Power delivery is smooth and constant without hiccups or bursts, itĘs satisfying for normal use. However in high speed riding, fuel consumption is increased. ‘he engine at the bike tested had run for more than 9000 Km, thus brake in is considered to be completed.

     Riding position: The seat height is relatively low and the width of the seat is average. The weight feels little and centre of gravity really low, which result in a user friendly and controllable bike. The width of the bike is narrow. However the front  is wide, at the area of the feet protecting plastic parts, as well as the handlebar, without being bothering though. Rider is positioned relatively low, rather in and on the X-cite, riding position is neutral and comfortable.
     On the road : Steering lock is massive really, superb, allowing really tight steering radius and comfort on congested traffic rides. It will take advantage of the smallest traffic gap, filtering is as easy as possible. A disadvantage in town rides is that the mirrors are at the same height with car mirrors. Suspension is soft, which makes it a really comfortable and agile bike, yet firm enough in town. Just a few vibrations from road imperfections will get their way to the rider. Suspension could be of a higher class, however in or out of town it will accomplish the task, finally.

      On low friction B roads, feedback to the rider and riding quality is average. At a faster pace, rider will not get the confidence needed from suspension. However, charging, some feedback will eventually find its way to the rider by the twin shocks in the rear. The rear wheel will tend to slide, while the front end provides more confidence. Despite the average feedback, handling is neutral and really agile.
     On high quality high friction roads, riding is superb, although when the pace gets fast, again feedback is just adequate. On roads featuring many imperfections, the X-cite will highly absorb them, providing once again comfortable rides.
     On dirt roads, the X-cite is really comfortable.

      On low friction B roads, the front disc brake is adequately powerful while provides average feedback. The rear disc brake is very powerful, itĘs difficult for the rider to brake hard without locking the rear wheel.
     On high friction B roads, the combination of the front and rear brake will provide powerful braking, on emergency braking, the rear wheel will lock again.

The fuel cap is located in the front, above the headlight, it is unlocked by turning the key at the ignition switch. There is an antitheft cap on the lock, while the equipment list includes also indication of gear selected, rpm meter and large storage space divided in two, under the seat. An open helmet will be fitted at the front section, a rain coat and paper work at the rear. The side stand is not available as a standard equipment.

Price : 2090 §

+User friendly

+Variety of uses


-If there is any point to this, feedback and confidence on extreme handling.

Thanks to the motorcycle shop MIHANOKINISI - Spyros Filippatos, Sitemporon 67 & Sotiros, Argostoli, Kefalonia, tel.+302671023093-fax+302671023803, for the test ride.

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