Bmw F650 (1993-2007): Still an effective bike

     Engine: The single cylinder liquid cooled engine of 652 c.c. starts to deliver from 2500 to 3000 rpm, according to the selected gear at the gear box. The torque is good, up to 4000 rpm will be adequate for town use, revs higher than 5000 will propel the BMW away from traffic.

     The engine is very linear, the hopelessly smooth power delivery continuous well beyond 7000 rpm, deep into the red zone. However from 5000 rpm upwards, engine vibrations are increased and they are felt by the rider. Selecting the last, fifth gear , from 4000 rpm, 100 Km/h will be delivered, at 5000 rpm 120Km/h will be indicated. Acceleration is still considerable up to 6000 rpm and 147 Km/h, slowly accelerating up to 170 Km/h indicated speed, a lot of vivid vibrations though, concerning the rider. These vibrations are intimidating on highways, asking for additional stops when travelling, while fuel consumption is really good.
     Top power delivery 48 bhp at 6500 rpm and 57 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm, nominal values.

     Riding position: The height of the seat is relatively low and sufficient wide, thus riding position is comfortable for all riders. The dimensions and the weight of the bike are average, that is obvious, while center of gravity feels relatively high.
     Due to the above, rider is positioned rather in the bike, on a comfortable riding position. The handle bar is high enough, suspension is soft, absorbing whatever the road will throw at the bike. Rider will hardly notice road imperfections, feedback to the rider is reduced though. Steering lock is really good, tight turning radius will be achieved.
     On the road: Town rides will be very comfortable , the weight of the bike will be the only minor disadvantage.
     Agility is average for the category standards, generally it should be considered an agile bike, really steady, without wobbling. On low friction B roads itĘs a really comfortable and neutral handling bike, that will absorb road imperfections and rider will be relaxed to enjoy the ride.
     As the pace gets faster, the weight of the bike will be obvious, as well as the slow steering geometry when trying to change direction rapidly. Suspension will be soft for this kind of use, while the front end will get light, understeering, not as progressively as a modern bike would do, asking for some weight transfer.

     Dealing with that, riding pace will start to be close to that of a supermoto, oversteering at the exits of the corners, with great riding involvement though as well as decreased feedback and some flexibility.
     Age, character and weight will set the limits on high speed riding, however on ordinary pace, the F 650 will be decent.

     On high friction roads the neutral handling and comfort make really relaxed rides. It will be fun when pace gets faster , on a really fast pace suspension will be to the soft side. The front end will ask again for some weight transfer, feedback will be average.
     On the highway the air protection will be sufficient. On roads featuring many imperfections, the soft suspension results in really superb comfort, the same applies to soil road rides. The wide handle bar becomes a great lever when changing direction. Of course it will not set any lap times there, it will just provide decent comfortable rides on any soil road.
     Brakes are strong, especially the front one, steel brake hose is used. A considerable amount of force is needed to brake hard on high friction roads. The rear brake is strong also, providing average feedback though.

     Comments: It was 1993 that the F 650 was introduced, several models were presented, the production ended at 2007. The F 650 is an effective bike even by todayĘs standards as long as rider doesnĘt ask for high speed riding on tarmac or soil roads. The price asked as a used bike is low in our days and reliability is generally speaking excellent.

+Comfortable rides

+Price, used

-Extreme handling

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