Aprilia Sportcity 200 (2005-current): When the name of the scooter describes what this bike stands for.

      This scooter has also been powered by 250 -300 c.c. engine capacity. Its very similar to the Derbi Rambla. The review of Derbi Rambla , featuring 250 c.c. engine, is also written at www.moto-choice.com, Derbi Rambla. Actually the  differences between the two scooters concern brakes and suspension settings.

     Engine: This powerful engine of 200 cc and 21 nominal bhp provides rapid acceleration up to 40 Km/h, fast up to 60 Km/h, adequately up to 80 Km/h, slowly up to the 100Km/h, and will ask for the riderĘs patience for the indication of 115 Km/h, top speed.

     Riding position: The seat height is moderate, however short riders will not step the expected firm foot on the ground due to the wide saddle. Riding position is neutral. Rider is placed in and mainly over the scooter.
    The weight feels average, however centre of gravity is low. Suspension is between handling and ride , firmness is average. Agility is great, physical dimensions are small as well as the bulk is. Steering lock is really great. The dimensions of the wheels are 120-70-15 front and 130-80-15 at the rear.

     Brakes: Brake lines are rubber. At the front end there is one disk rotor which provides decent stopping power and feedback to the rider, while being user friendly at the same time. If the rider wishes, the front wheel may be locked on high friction tarmac roads, low speed, or low friction tarmac roads, ordinary speed.
     The rear brake is weak, providing nice feedback though. On high friction tarmac roads the rear wheel will require very high lever pressure to be locked. The rear brake will be most helpful on low friction roads. On high friction roads it will not considerably affect braking, however it will improve the scooterĘs stability while braking. The front and rear brakes combination provides adequate braking.

     On the road: On city rides the scooter provides a sporty sensation. It transfers road imperfections and potholes to the rider, unfortunately even on bumpy roads, one would expect that the 15 inch wheels should make it better. Feedback to the rider is superb, confidence to the rider is decent.      
     The Sportcity scooter will take advantage of the smallest gaps in traffic. Filtering is easy although handle bar is often at the same height with car mirrors.
     On low friction B-roads, surface imperfections will find their way to the rider. Feedback to the rider is decent and close to the limit the rear wheel will oversteer gradually. Cornering stability is top class, confidence to the rider is decent.
     On high friction ¬-roads, feedback and handling are nearly top class. However close to the top speed riding, some flexibility may be noticed. Feedback will be gradually reduced then , rear wheel will tend to oversteer, however its already a truly fast pace, that the average rider will not ever need. On the contrary sporty riding is fun, on a pace like this, and the performance of the engine of this effective and trouble free scooter, will set the limits, relatively soon. On soil roads the scooter provides an edgy feeling.

     Comments: Under the seat there is storage space just larger than a bicycle helmet. Maybe some jet helmet models will fit. RiderĘs foot floor is level and there is a 12V socket available at the gloves compartment at the front.
     The shopping hook provided is relatively high. Pillion pegs are folded in the scooter. They are bothering close to the riderĘs legs whenever he will need to step a foot on the ground carrying a pillion.
Price Aprilia Sportcity cube 300 i: 3800  §


+Agility in city rides

-Rides on bumpy roads

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