Derbi Rambla 300i (2010-current): Minimal and sport.

     This scooter is very similar to the Aprilia's Sportcity Cube 300.
     Apart from the engine, itĘs the same scooter with Derbi Rambla 250 i. That review has also been published by

     Engine: This Quasar engine of 278.3 cc and 22.5 nominal bhp at 7250 rpm offers rapid acceleration up to 60 Km/h, very fast up to 80 Km/h, good acceleration up to 100 Km/h. The speed of 120Km/h is achieved easily. The 100-120 Km/h is a speed that will also be easily preserved on the motorway. Air resistance will be considerable at anything higher than this speed. Acceleration is diminished above the figure of 120 Km/h, riderĘs patience will be asked for the indication of 130 Km/h, which is the top speed.
     The greatest difference with the Rambla 250i scooter is the increased acceleration from 50 to 120 Km/h. Especially between 50 and 100 Km/h, acceleration is rapid, which makes Rambla a very fast bike for the suburbs as well.
     Engine operation produces a low frequency vibration at idle rpms. Ventilator will be operating frequently on warm climates city use. Warning fuel level indicator is somewhat eager to wink.

     Riding position: The seat height is just above medium, however the width of the seat is large. Because of the above, short riders will not step the expected firm foot on the ground.
     Riding position is neutral, placing rider rather on top of the bike than in it. Given the engine capacity, RamblaĘs width and physical dimensions are relatively small, which is most helpful in traffic congestion use.

     The weight feels average for the category standards, 146 dry nominal, centre of gravity is low though. This results to a light feeling scooter for the rider.
     Brakes: Steel brake lines are used, front and rear. At the front end there are two disk rotors which offer great stopping power, feeling really safe at the same time. Actually the golden mean is achieved. On low friction asphalt, the front wheel may be locked relatively easily, however on high friction road, this will be difficult. Feedback to the rider is good. The rear brake is slightly stronger and if the rider persists in braking, the rear wheel may lock.
     The front and rear brakes combination guaranties superb braking, especially on high friction roads, decent feedback as well. On low friction roads, emergency braking requires some caution.

    On the road: The suspension firmness is medium. Its a fork at the front and two shocks at the rear. Steering lock is really great. Agility is superb.
     On city rides the scooter transfers road imperfections and potholes to the rider, unfortunately even on bumpy roads, one would expect that the 15 inch wheels should make it better. The dimension of the tyres is 120-70-15 for the front and 130-80-15 for the rear. Rear suspension will often transfer road imperfections directly to the rider.
     The Rambla scooter will take advantage of the smallest gaps in traffic. During filtering, the handle bar is often at the same height with car mirrors. RamblaĘs mirrors are often at the same height with SUVĘs mirrors.

     On medium friction ¬-roads the feedback to the rider is good enough and close to the limit the rear wheel will oversteer gradually.
     On high friction¬-roads, feedback and handling are nearly top class. However close to the top speed riding, some minor flexibility may be noticed. Feedback will be gradually reduced then , rear wheel will tend to oversteer, however its already a truly fast pace, that the average rider will not ever need. On the contrary sporty riding is fun, on such a pace, with this effective and trouble free scooter.
     On soil roads there is an edgy feeling.

     Comments: Under the seat there is storage space just larger than an open helmet. RiderĘs foot floor is level and there is a 12V socket available. ‘he nice pillion hand grip is a base for an easy installation of a top box. The red stitching of the seat emphasizes the sporty character of the scooter. Pillion foot pegs are folded in the scooter.

Price: 300 c.c. 3745 §, 125 c.c. 2845 §


+Agility in city rides

+Variety of use


-Rides on bumpy roads

-Engine vibration on idle rpms

More, specifications


  • Tapiscadas
    Hi. i have been very happy with my experience with Rambla 300i. I love it. I have been experiencing a strange problem that i want you advice if possible. The RPM - km/h needle goes up and down even when is on idle. For my suprise, is showed 16,000km before when is was only 6 months old and my everyday driving distance is 10km. I am guessing it is the speed sensor. Our roads is very dusty and for my super bad luck, the distributor closed after 2 months i bought the scooter. Any help will be more than welcome
  • Dwizil
    The scooter is fun to ride, and so far it's been totally trouble free for me. I would also have paid more for a superior plastic quality, powder coated frame, silicone insulation on wires and a silicone spark plug "cable". parts that does not corrode is always a pluss. I think they should have updated the scooter will LEDs everywhere. A 15-16 liter gas tank would also be a pluss. some of us ride a lot, and far away. not that fun to fill it up 5 times a day. This is one of the best looking scooters around, and the quality seems good.
  • John
    The scooter is nice to ride, and the engine is enough for me - even on longer trips. A tip for Derbi/Piaggio is to use rust proof screw and I would love to have exterior plastic made of high quality polypropylene compared to what they have used here. Still miles above Chinese scooters in terms of quality. I would pay 3-600 euros extra for improved quality.. easily. I've had problems with a Chinese scooter myself and I will never experince that again. There fore quality is important for me. Would like to see Honda make this model in Japan with Japanese quality or BMW in Germany. If you like it, buy it. It offers a good ride, and I think it will last for a long time. I had a drive from Barcelona in Spain to the North Cape in Norway with it. Worked fine.
    This scooter is manufactured in Europe, Italy. Quality build is average compared to the standards of the category. The plastic exterior parts assembly is inferior to modern highest standards.
  • twix
    does anybody know how the quality of this bike is? Is it made in europe? I've had bad experience with chinese made bikes before. they suck, and the low price is no excuse for that bad quality.
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