Bmw G650 GS (2008-2010): An alternative choice, to the twin cylinder on-off bikes.

      Engine: The single cylinder liquid cooled fed via injection engine of 652 c.c. will begin to deliver considerable torque from 2000 rpm upwards, according to the selected speed at the gearbox.
     Torque is adequate for town use up to 4000 rpm, at 5000 rpm power produced accelerates the G650 GS in front of traffic. Power delivery is as linear as it can ever be, rev limiter intervenes at 8200 rpm. ‘his linear engine response is really useful to an inexperienced rider.
     Maximum power 50 bhp/6500 rpm, torque 6.1Kg /4800 rpm, nominal figures. This engine is manufactured in China, complying with BMW high specification standards. It is derived from the Rotax one which was powering the F650GS model.
     Riding position: The height of the riderĘs seat is relatively low, while the width of the seat is relatively large. The combination of the above creates a comfortable riding position for short or average height riders. Really tall riders may get cramped after a while.
     ‘he weight of the bike is considerable, while centre of gravity feels relatively high, claimed wet weight 192 Kg. Dimensions are average compared with the standards of the category, as an example the width of the bike is slightly smaller.
     Due to the above, rider is placed rather in the bike at a neutral and relaxed riding position. Handlebar is high enough, while suspension firmness is average, lying between ride and handling. Tyres fitted are Metzeler Tourance, 100-90-19 front and 130-80-17 rear.

     On the road: Road imperfections are absorbed efficiently, while suspension provides decent feedback to the rider. G 650 GS is equipped with a linkage at the rear suspension.
     Steering lock is great, turning radius is small.
     Town rides will be really easy, very comfortable , the weight of the bike could be the only, minor, disadvantage. Monitoring traffic will be really good due to the upright riding position.
     During filtering the handle bar height is slightly greater than that of car mirrors, about the same with the SUV mirrors. The mirrors of the G 650 GS are slightly higher than those of professional vans. Agility is average for the category standards, generally it is an agile bike, really steady. No wobbling took placed at the duration of the bike test.

     On low friction B roads itĘs a really comfortable and neutral handling bike, that will absorb road imperfections. Rider will be relaxed, enjoying the ride. As the pace gets faster, the front end will need some weight transfer due to the neutral riding position. The relatively increased weight and slow steering geometry will be evident on tight bends.
     On average B road bends the G650GS is neutral, very steady indeed. High cornering speed will be achieved. As long as engine power is not a top priority issue, the G650GS will ride together with more expensive bikes on B roads. Thus the ride pace will meet the expectations of the rider, providing decent feedback and confidence to the rider.

     On high friction ¬ - roads the neutral handling and comfort provide really relaxed rides. It  will be fun when pace gets faster , on a really fast pace the front end will ask again for some weight transfer, feedback will be good.
     On the highway the air protection will not be sufficient. At a speed of 140 Km/h air resistance will be considerable, at 160 Km/h it will become a problem. Thus on the motorway the only difficulty that rider will need to overcome is that of air protection.
     On roads featuring many imperfections, suspension provides decent comfort, the same applies to dirt road rides. The wide handle bar becomes a great lever when changing direction. Of course it will not set any lap times there, it will just provide decent and comfortable rides on any soil road, exhibiting a joyful character.
      Brakes are strong, especially the front one, a 300mm disc, two pots calliper and steel brake hose is used. The rear brake is strong also, 220 mm disc, single pot calliper, plastic brake hose, providing slightly decreased feedback, compared to the front.
     The bike under test was equipped with ABS as a standard. The operation of the ABS was slightly cruder than that of the latest systems around, however it was welcomed. An ABS deactivation button is there for the rider.

     Comments: Vision through mirrors gets blurred at a speed just above 100 Km/h.
     Interesting design details are the oil fill up cap just in front of the rider, where the fuel reservoir should be. Also the fuel reservoir cap lies at the rear right side of the bike, as the fuel tank has moved underneath the seat. There is a rear preload adjustment knob at the engine right hand side. The two mufflers can be seen at the rear of the GS.
     As it was mentioned above there are an activation-deactivation ABS switch and an alarm switch on the handlebar, while there is a small storage space under the rack. G650GS is equipped with heated grips and ABS as a standard.
     ItĘs the following model of F650 GS that was introduced in 1993 , being in BMW line up until 2007. Essentially in 2008 it was the first letter that changed from F to G. The most prominent feature of the G650GS character is that rider will be encouraged for trouble free, every day use on various fields.

Price: 6290§


+Easy to ride motorcycle

+All around character


-A new for 2011 model is due to appear, replacing the current GS.

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