There is a chain reaction following the OPEN, which is the new category at the motoGP! At first there was a vivid reaction by Honda, stating that Yamaha has overruled the OPEN regulations since they rented the actual 2013 M1 to NGM Forward. Certainly the speed and lap times by Aleix Espargaro at the two tests in Malaysia were alarming to the HRC. 
Next to come was the news from Ducati deciding to race at the OPEN category in 2014, which makes it possible to evolve the engine during the season, there will be more engines available, more fuel and a softer Bridgestone tyre during the race. The drawback is that they have to use the software provided by Magneti Marelli, which will be the same to all the OPEN Teams. However at the second test in Sepang, Dorna brought a smarter software, just a few hours before Ducati announced officially its decision. 

The reaction from the HRC was direct, with Livio Suppo (Honda¢s Team Manager), expressing his disagreement concerning the new software, although the Teams in Malaysia did not use it. Gigi Dall'Igna (Ducati Corse) said that the software of the OPEN bikes has to be evolved even more, hinting that Ducati may provide their factory software to the new category! Dorna would not disagree with that. 
Honda¢s reaction made Carmelo Ezpeleta to reveal that there will be a third category in 2014 at the MotoGP. It¢s the Factory 2 and it will be placed between the OPEN and the Factory. 
The existence of the Factory 2 means that the OPEN teams which will have satisfactory results will lose some of their advantages. Specifically Ducati will start the season as an OPEN Team with the given advantages: (24 lt of fuel, 12 engines, engine evolvement during the season, limitless tests and the special soft tyre). The disadvantages are the software (which is common with all the OPEN Teams, programmed by Magneti Marelli). However if Ducati wins a race or gets two second finishes or three third finishes, then the 24 l of fuel will become 22.5, and the 12 engines per season will be decreased to nine.