More details were given during the presentation of this pioneer bike. The time required for the airbag to inflate is 45 ms by the time that the sensors provide the data certifying an accident. Two airbags (rider and pillion) are controlled simultaneously. The system has been certified by the German organization TÜV SÜD.


The Ducati Multistrada S D-Air introduces the wireless airbag triggering

The Ducati Multistrada S features an integrated sensors and electronics system determining the dynamics of the ride. In the case of the Ducati Multistrada S D-Air, if the air bag needs to be deployed, a signal is sent through the wireless connection between the bike and the jacket or suit featuring the airbag, triggering the airbag. 
For the time being it is tested with Dainese D-Air apparel, although it will be compatible with products from several manufacturers. The Ducati Multistrada S D-Air bike will be available in May.