‘he British motorcycle magazine MCN has conducted a very interesting test: Two identical bikes were used (Suzuki GSXR 600) equipped with two different sets of tyres. The first was the former top of the shelf choice, which was introduced ten years ago, Bridgestone BT-014 and the other was the current touring tyre ‘30. 
The suspensions of the bikes remained at their standard settings, the tyres were ridden at the track for 50 km, and the two bikes were evaluated afterwards by the same magazine tester who performed five timed laps. 

Although there were only three laps  which could be evaluated, the result was that his lap times were about one second faster with the … touring tyre ‘30! The tester said that the ‘30 is getting warm sooner and turns in better. Basically the ¬‘-014 does not provide good turn in under braking. The ‘30 provides better traction on great cornering angles whilst the ¬‘-014 can be compared to the ‘30 only at the drive out of the exits issue. The tester concludes that anyone mounting the T30 instead of the BT-014 will be more confident!