The new urban electric bike Rapitan from Bultaco provides a 40 KW (53.5 hp) engine, battery range 180 to 200 km (it may as low as 110 km on the highway), maximum speed 145 km/h, Dual Link Evolution front suspension system, ABS and a storage space at the would-be fuel tank area, large enough to accommodate a full face helmet. The weight is 189 kg. The charging time varies between 3.5 to 5 hours and on fast charge mode this drops to between 45 minutes and 1 hour. 

The specifications of the Rapitan Sport are the mostly the same with the Rapitan bike. There is no word yet about the time schedule and the price of these two upcoming bikes. 


Bultaco returns with an electric motorcycle!

Bultaco was founded in 1958, production closed in 1979. The factory reopened in 1980, but closed again in 1983. The company is now named Bultaco motors and it is expected to  present  a new electric motorcycle next Saturday 17th of May,  in London. 
This prototype will be the base for a small road and off-road bike, following Bultaco˘s tradition to manufacture  small off-road two stroke bikes. The new motorcycles will be made in Spain.