The new cub Wave 110 i is available in specific European countries at a price around 1750 Euros. Except from the low tag price, the aim for the manufacturer was the low running costs of the new cub.

     The engine is air-cooled, fueled by injection, 4 speed, 109 c.c., complying with the Euro-3 specifications. Tank range is 210 km, (130 miles), while nominal fuel consumption is 1.75 l/100km (161 mpg Imperial).

     The engine delivers 8.4 bhp/7500 rpm and 0.88 Kgm/5500 rpm (6.4 ft lbs/5500 rpm) nominal figures.  A 220 mm disc brake is equipped at the front wheel, a drum brake at the rear.

     The weight is low, 99 nominal kerb, the saddle is low at 760 mm (29.9 in), enhancing usability. A 7 litres storage space is provided under the seat.

     Comment: Concerning performance, it seems that the Wave lies between the Yamaha Crypton 110 and the Kawasaki Joy R, while the tag price is marginally higher.