The RFID is a microchip featuring a radio transmitter which is built into the tire. This system is being developed since 2009 at the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). 
The tires mounted on the car are scanned entering and exiting from every pit stop. The unique tire identification number is traced by a fully automated, computerized, fool proof system through a database, providing data about its number and type, the production date and the tire allocation to each racing team. 
Whenever a specific number of tires is provided to the teams over a racing weekend, the RFIDs indicate which tires are being used, by which bike and what time. Thus it makes it easier to check that the teams comply with the rules. 

However this is not the end of this story, Dunlop takes it one step further. The intention is for the microchip to provide real time data of various criteria to the team, as an example tire wear and load to the tire. This is the case with the Moto2 and Moto3 tests conducted these days in Jerez. 
In the future this system could be expanded to common road use by trucks, cars and bikes.