Have a look what happened to Max Biaggi and his girlfriend !

     The following incident occurred in an expensive restaurant in Monte Carlo where Max Biaggi lives, after the race in Donington Park, where the Italian rider finished 5th and 2nd!
     Eleonora who is very pretty (ex Miss Italy), sitting next to the Italian rider, attracts a famous and handsome man, sitting nearby, who starts staring at her. Max gets annoyed, he stands up and throws a glass to the man!

     Things get even worse when the man sends a Dom Perignon champaign to Eleonora! She walks to the man thanking him, while she gets an indecent proposal from him! Her reaction was to throw her drink to him, she turns back to Biaggi, who insists to know what happened.
     She tells him, he freezes for a few seconds… things could get out of control when a woman from that man¢s table approaches, telling that if Eleonora apologises and accepts she would get two million instead of one! You may watch Max¢s reaction at the following video!

      Of course this incident was a deliberate hoax to the leading SBK rider and his girlfriend was also acting a role! The theme was inspired by the movie starring Richard Gere: Indecent Proposal, that explains the actor looking like Gere and the money offered to Biaggi¢s girlfriend!