2013/3/7.     The American Motorcycle Association Pro Racing homologated the 2013 ZX-6R despite the 636 c.c. despite which overrides the 599 c.c. limit for the  four cylinder engine layout. This class includes the three cylinder 675 c.c. Daytona and the L-twin 848. Normally Kawasaki would have presented an additional 599 c.c. variant for worldwide supersport racing. At least this is what happened in Japan this year. 

The 636 c.c. production bike has always been a bike aiming to privateers for  their occasional  track days and of course ordinary supersport bike use. However the 636 c.c. ZX-6R will get a weight penalty  where the minimum weight figure will be increased to 170 Kgs (375 lbs) instead of  163.3 kgs (360 lbs) for the 600 c.c. counterparts.  AMA˘s decision gives the ZX-6 an advantage over the 599 c.c. competition which is not really justified concerning the four-cylinder rivals. 

2012/9/15. The new ZX6R with the 636 c.c. engine, provides improved performance throughout the powerband. Comparing  the power and torque curves of the 600 and 636 c.c. engines together, they are similar, just more of everything, everywhere for the new engine.  This is an advantage to all the riders who will not compete in 600 c.c. races, they will only participate in track days. 

     It has slipper clutch, two selectable power modes, a three mode traction control which may be deactivated and a SFF BP (Separate Function Fork - Big Piston) 41 mm fork, separating spring preload at the left and  compression - rebound damping to the right. 

     The frame, subframe and swingarm are the same with the former model. The linkage is new.
     Four pot, radial monobloc Nissin callipers are equipped to the front. Two petal type 310mm rotors are equipped at the front. 
     Additionally the ABS which is optional,  controls also the rear wheel lift under heavy front braking. This is done by connecting the ABS ECU with the engine ECU.
     OE tires are Bridgestone S-20. The weight remains the same 192 nominal kg (423 lbs), 194 (428) for the ABS version. The seat is higher, 830 mm (32.7 in). 

     Comment: Is it really necessary a traction control combined with two engine mappings on a 600 c.c. bike? 
     On wet conditions, worn tires, slippery roads, novice rider and fast riding efforts, all at the same time, yes. Normally, no. 
     Since Kawasaki˘s traction control operates very well, it is the most desirable feature.


     Kawasaki only has a few more days until its big launch in New York City˘s Times Square. These spy shots reveal even more the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. 

     Expected to be a 636cc machine( providing some 129 peak horsepower) something the brand experimented with circa 2003, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R seen here is drawing heavily from the ZX-10R˘s aesthetic, as has been the case with the Kawasaki Ninja 250-300R as well. 

     We will have to wait until Wednesday for the official details of the ZX-6R to drop. It should be expected that the new supersport ZX-6R will have BPF and optional ABS brakes-traction control. 

       2012/8/14.          MCN has scooped spy photos of the 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R, reporting that it returns to 636cc, but is otherwise mostly a restyle of the existing bike.

     600cc supersport sales have collapsed in the global market, essentially halting development in the class. But, Kawasaki appears to be attempting to keep the current model fresh with aggressive new styling and that bigger motor.
     Will it be the first Japanese supersport to come fitted with traction control? That, plus these killer new looks would really set it apart from its other long-in-the-tooth competitors.

Via: www.hellforleathermagazine.com

     Comments: There could be a 600 c.c. version, aiming to racers of this engine category. Engine mappings and a ride by wire system are also possible.
      Due to the economic recession in quite a few countries nowadays, the 600 c.c. supersports are more frugal in terms of buying and maintaining, compared to the 1000 c.c. superbikes, providing a decent substance to the 1000 c.c. speed junkies around the world. Thus this bike category is not over yet!