The Spanish motoGP rider Hector Barbera was arrested after a domestic violence incident which took place at the hotel room he was staying with his girlfriend in Jerez, after the motoGP race. The police received a call from the Jerez hospital about a woman who was physically abused. Barbera was prosecuted on Friday morning. 

At the trial held, both Barbera and his girlfriend were found guilty and they were suspended sentenced to 6 and 5 months in jail respectively which was switched to 14 months community service time for the rider and 5 months for his ex girlfriend.  Also they have to be at least 200 meters away from each other for 13 months.  The two received different community time sentences as Barbera had been convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol in January 2012. According to rumours, the quarrel broke out when the girl asked Barbera to end their relationship.