2013/4/4. A spy shot of the oncoming  Royal Enfield Café Racer 535 was published  in India yesterday. This motorcycle  will be  Royal EnfieldĒs lightest and fastest mass production bike ever. The 535 c.c. engine is  expected to produce 36 bhp and 4.6 kgm (33 ft lbs) torque. It will be launched at the second half of 2013 and will be sold in many countries. 

     The  Royal Enfield Continental GT at the Intermot bike show. A quite pretty motor bike, balanced, been driven by an engine which will pass the standards of pollution and which will arrive to Europe. 

     It is confirmed Royal Enfield was present on two stands distinct at the Intermot living room from Cologne. One detail occupied by the German importer, the other by the Indian persons in charge, come to expose the standard models and to take the measurement of the European market and in particular the reception reserved for Royal Enfield Continental GT 535, future models headlight of the range. Frankly pretty in its red dress, the Continental GT reveals a completion higher than what usually proposes the mark. 

     Remain that certain details miss coherence, like the grain of certain surfaces or the clearance of the fork, which shows that we are yet only at the stage of prototype. A good amount of elements are gild and already fixed, and Royal Enfield is studying the final cost of the motor bike
     By employing the base engine EFI edge to 535 Cm3, one can hope for a decent tariff, and one hopes for it less expensive than the first Triumph Bonneville for example, are well in decaf of the 8,000 Ī. 
     Already revealed at the time of a national living room in India, Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 had made extremely beautiful effect, but its setting in production was not yet known. Its presence in Intermot gives already an idea of the ambitions of the Indian manufacturer who clearly announced in Intermot that the availability of Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 would be a reality for 2014. According to the market demand, the Continental GT could even arrive at the end of 2013, provided the Indian manufacturer manages to set up a production line dedicated to this motor bike. 

     Comment: Café-racers are always attractive, especially if they are not expensive. The manufacturing country, India, and the air cooled engine could contribute to a lower price than other retro bikes of the market.