A breakthrough substituting expensive telemetry systems by a smartphone! 

     RACE SENSE is a smartphone application which addresses to riders participating in track days, amateur racers or simply riders who want to record data of a special ride. 
    On a track environment (motorcycle-car-bicycle asphalt or dirt track), it is useful as it will serve as a riding evaluation system, providing data such as lean angle, linear and lateral acceleration, cornering speed, top speed and position on the map. 
     The software uses the phone¢s accelerometers, GPS, and inclinometer. The data can be projected on Google maps and be shared on Facebook and Twitter. The R&D of this app. was conducted by Antony West in moto2 category. 
      Phone requirements 
• Apple: iPhone3Gs, 4, 4s 
• Android from version 2.2 with display with 320*480, 320*800, etc…. (the display with 240x320 will not be supported) 
• Windows Phone (7.1 & 7.5) 
      The customer of RACE SENSE app will also get a free program to use and download all the data to a computer: laptime, trajectory, inclination, linear and lateral acceleration-deceleration and speed on all parts of the track, intermediate, virtual laps. 

 Anthony West.“I am so happy to give something back to the riders who love hitting the local track day. Since I¢ve been working to make this App I found it to be very useful for my training away from the races. Normally I would only have the lap timer to show my mistakes, now I have almost all the data I have on my Moto2 race bike. It has even been useful on my Motocross and Downhill bikes to map out tracks in the forest and check my speeds in corners. For me this is the best App for riders since sliced bread. ¢¢ 

Comments: Certainly it is a breakthrough for mere mortals since only professional teams could pay to acquire this sort of data. Of course this app. has to be evaluated initially on tracks by numerous riders-racers. As an assumption, the accuracy that it will provide, will not be close to high-end telemetry systems. 
      Retrieving this data or even show-off to friends (real or virtual) is step one. Keeping notes of the technique tested and examine if this lowered lap times, utilising this app. is what actually benefits the rider, that is step two. Slicing down the track or a specific corner into sections can also be an aid then. Processing the retrieved data, a track day rider or a racer may decide if techniques like changing a line or a mark, braking less in order to obtain a wider line or vice-versa etc., actually helped. 
     Road riders can also benefit from this app., although issues like road safety and on-road riding abuse are the key factors then. Additionally, a risky rider could carry away his friends on trying to explore their limits on public roads.