Unveiled for Europe in 2013, the new Shoei GT-Air Helmet features a new mix of style, sun protection and ventilation. The Shoei GT-Air will serve as an everyday which comes stock ready for day and night, multi-condition riding without the need of purchasing a separate shield. 

     While a North American release has yet to be announced, the current feature set on the ECE model of the GT Air includes the following: 
• Aggressive yet refined design 
• Premium AIM 5-layer shell construction 
• Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch Shoei Integrated Sun Visor 
• Radically New Aerodynamic Shape 
• Updated venting profile w/ spoiler 
• Micro Ratchet System 
• Emergency Cheek Pad Release System 
• Fully removable interiors 

     Comment: The price is very close to Shoei XR1100 for Europe, RF 1100 for the USA, which means that the two models are overlapping in case of certain use. However the 1100 should be more sporty. Concerning ventilation the GT-air could be considered a rival of AraiĘs Quantum in Europe or RX-Q in US which is slightly better than the XR1100 on low speed riding. It is expected that if the helmet does make it to the USA, Shoei will use a double d-ring closure instead of the micro-ratchet system as they have used on their other DOT models.