How much personalized can a helmet be? 
The Spanish helmet manufacturer pioneers with the NZI 3D technique. 

     The themes which may be printed are available at a factory catalogue, or the future buyer may print up to three images on the helmet. 

     These images are printed directly on the shell. The finish is glossy, cleaning the helmet is just the usual process. 

     Because we donĘt know Spanish, we canĘt publish any details. However it seems that the procedure is as follows: The future buyer chooses the type of helmet to buy. 

     There is the 489 § SPYDER IV full face helmet and two jets, the § 164 HELIX IV 3D and the § 119 VINTAGE 3D. 

     Next, the customer uploads the photos or images for the two sides of the helmet and the middle area. There is a preview option. 

     Finally the internal lining has to be selected and of course its time for the payment. Ńbout three weeks are required for the new helmet to be delivered to the customerĘs house. 

     ItĘs a superb idea, which allows motorcyclists to bear their own designs on the helmets. 

     Up to now a biker would have to pay the services of a paint job using an air brush. 

     Now this is done directly by the factory, on a new helmet. 
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