According to the Italian magazine the German manufacturer is developing a 450 c.c. single cylinder bike, featuring new frame, racing suspensions, forged wheels and carbon fiber fairing, that means a bike built for racing. Presumably the development has been carried out in Italy. 

     The target is to build a competitive bike at the 20000 ( $ 26000), for young riders 15-18 y.o., who will be held on specific rounds of the World Superbike Championship and British Superbike Championship. According to the magazine the races will start in March-April 2013, which sounds pretty early. Thus it could be then that the bike will be launched. 

      This aim reminds of the European Junior Cup which will equip the new CBR500R for 2013, costing about the same after the modifications, 20000 ( $ 26000), while this year the races were conducted with the Ktm Duke 690. However there is a big difference here. The Honda and Ktm are normal street bikes which obviously ask for some compromises on track environment. 
     On the contrary the Bmw/Husqvarna coming will be a racing bike, that is to say a safer or maybe faster on track, assuming that it will be followed by a road going bike in order to establish some profit in the future for the manufacturer. Taking these into account, the single cylinder engine has proven to be a commercial handicap in the recent history of the on-road motorcycles. 

     From the other hand if the price mentioned is correct, it could be considered as a cheap substitute of the 45000 ($ 58000) 250 c.c. single cylinder Ktm RC250R (that is a production racer of the World Champion 2012 moto3 bike) which is meant for sales to privateers.