On December 8th and 9th the 24 hour Scooterthon, a charity supporting scooter race, will take place in Australia for eighth time and it is going to be world class this year. 

     The three times WSBK Champion Troy Bayliss together with the ex motoGP and WSBK spectacular racer Cary McCoy, the three times World Speedway Champion Jason Crump and the multiple Guinness book record holder Mark Brownie Brown are among the participants. 

      Troy Bayliss said: “I cant wait for next week, its going to be a lot of fun riding with Crumpy and Brownie, these little scooters are great on this track, I hope everyone comes down to support this great event, its only a gold coin donation entry and it all goes to charities. I would also like to announce that I want to donate all my riding gear from the event to Mat & Chloe Rogers for their childrens charity 4 ASD KIDS”. 

      Its a nice thing watching world class racers competing and risking with stock scooters, exceeding the humble limits of these bikes for such a reason. 

     We bet that sliding knee saved many crashes before this one. Well done Troy, Gary and everyone else!

8-9/12/2012 Race Day

Bayliss before the race

2012 Le Minz Scooterthon Start Grid 25 scooter starting at 12pm on Saturday  and will finish at 12pm on Sunday
  The race has started

         Troy Bayliss
  Garry McCoy

  7h 52 min to go

The scooter shop 2 team is leading        




Its impossible not to crash on these things!

      Final results, Scooter shop 2 is the winning team,wax racing won Open class and fastest lap.