The Lit C1 is a revolutionary electric scooter which has solved the issue of self balancing on two wheels. It exceeds the ordinary motorbikes boundaries by keeping its balance not only when rider gets in or out of the scooter, but also in case of low speed impacts with another vehicle.  

      Engine power is 20 KW (27 bhp), acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is 6-8 secs, top speed  could be as high as 190 km/h (120 mph), battery range is 240 km (150 mi). The price is expected to be $16000 in the US (indicatively 12250) and it will be launched in 2013. 
      It is just in the middle between a car and a scooter since as it seems rider should be kept dry and quite safe.

If an ABS and a traction control were featured, it would be even more attractive to the white-collar workers that probably this innovation aims to. 

     At the video of the following there are more bright ideas from this manufacturer, such as a scooter with this technology with great carrying capacity and even a folding one!