2012/12/13.   Öhlins launches the first electronically controlled (EC) shock absorber for the “hypersport” motorcycle segment. This Mechatronic shock for the Kawasaki ZX-10R is the first-ever EC shock offered for a motorcycle that wasnĘt manufactured with EC suspension. 
     It is based on the multiple-championship winning Öhlins TTX36 MkII shock absorber. With the evolution of the sophisticated electronics of modern, hypersport bikes, Öhlins launches the first EC aftermarket application for the fastest motorcycle segment, providing street and track-day riders their own, personal, professional, suspension tuner. 

     The first application for the hypersport Mechatronic shock is the 2011-2013 Kawasaki ZX-10R. The Öhlins Mechatronic suspension for the Kawasaki ZX-10R includes a TTX36 MkII shock absorber, fitted with Öhlins EC actuators that are wired to an Öhlins ECU. The system is connected to the ZX-10RĘs ECU, using signals from it to determine rider intentions by monitoring the way in which the bike is ridden: throttle position, rpm range, wheel speed, etc.. 
     The Öhlins Mechatronic system reacts to the riderĘs quantitative needs, as revealed by the actual riding dynamics. The semi-active Mechatronic suspension continuously changes the damping settings dependent on the aggressiveness of riding style. All of the MechatronicĘs adjustments occur while riding, but the system also detects the riderĘs choice of Power Mode, selected with the OEM-supplied button on the bike, automatically changing the suspension to sportier settings. The Öhlins Mechatronic system has exclusive application for the 2011-13 Kawasaki ZX-10R: 2011-12 ZX-10R and costs $1,625.00, (§ 1,243) in the US. 

     Comment: The TTX modules are somewhat cheaper, thus the cost for the Mechatronic is marginally higher. We will have to wait some time wishing for the equivalent fork to come, if there is any of course. Finally, a new standard has to be set concerning ECUs and sensors by several manufacturers in order to cooperate with various aftermarket suspension systems which may be introduced in the future.