The Innovative system promises of taking ride performance to a new level 

User-friendly software allows set-up from riderĘs smartphone or tablet 

The system comprises semi-active forks and shock absorbers in one fully integrated electronic suspension package. 

Fully Integrated Electronic Suspension Package 

     MarzocchiĘs semi-active suspension system automatically adapts the motorcycleĘs stability according to the driverĘs riding style, the dynamic conditions of the vehicle and the road surface. The system was developed leveraging TennecoĘs extensive ride control expertise as one of the first companies to launch semi-active suspension systems for passenger cars. 
     An electronic valve modifies oil flow instantly in the motorcycle forks and shock absorbers to help ensure the best suspension response for optimal stability in most riding conditions. The result is one of the most complete semi-active suspension systems on the market today and the ideal solution for high-performance racing bikes, all terrain motorcycles and high-powered urban commuter motorcycles. 
     Professional test rider Alessio Aldrovandi who tested the Marzocchi system said: “It is extraordinary in terms of comfort and safety. Street riding is very enjoyable as the system allows you to do things that conventional suspension systems donĘt and in a more secure way.” He added: “On the track, the system performs extremely well, significantly improving lap times and making the bike even more enjoyable, easy to ride and very fast.” 

Automatic Semi-Active Fork 

     The 50mm upside down fork helps guarantee a perfect feeling on the front of the motorcycle. The electronic valve automatically modifies hydraulic characteristics during compression and rebound with response times of only 10 milliseconds. 
     The valve acts on impulses received from a dedicated electronic control unit (ECU), which uses data received from the potentiometers and the miniaturized accelerometers placed on the fork to set optimal stability parameters. The system includes the control unit with special sensors and the control software. In addition, both legs of the fork feature a manual system which helps to vary spring preload. 
     The semi-active system can be fitted on 50mm, 48mm, 45mm, 43mm, 40mm upside down forks and on traditional forks with 40mm, 41mm and 45mm diameters. As is the case with all Marzocchi products, the fork can be fully customized according to customersĘ needs. 

Automatic Semi-Active Shock Absorber 

     The monotube shock absorber with a 36mm or 46mm piston manages vehicle stability under every driving condition without rider intervention. 
     The electronic valve working parallel to the piston is controlled by the ECU which acts on the impulses received from sensors mounted on the motorcycle. These sensors recognize the ground conditions and allow the damper to respond with the appropriate level of hydraulic damping within milliseconds. For the rider, this means optimal comfort, pleasure and security. In addition to the semi-active system, the monotube shock absorber can be provided with a manual or hydraulic system to alter the spring preload. 
     The electronic components and ECU are easily installed under the seat and can be connected with all other motorcycle control units using CAN-BUS language. The addition of E-CLICK software allows the rider to fully exploit the hydraulic system by customizing the damping to improve comfort and performance. An application is available for controlling the system via smartphones or tablets. 


      Marzocchi was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1949 from where it has been designing, developing and manufacturing forks and shocks for leading motorcycle brands for the last 63 years. In September 2008, Marzocchi became part of Tenneco Inc. 
     Tenneco is a $7.2 billion global manufacturing company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois and approximately 24,000 employees worldwide. Tenneco is one of the worldĘs largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of emission control and ride control products and systems for the automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment markets and the aftermarket. Tenneco markets its products principally under the Monroe®, Walker® and Clevite® Elastomer brand names.