A new helmet concept has been introduced by Bell. The new model is called Rogue. The "Muzzle" is adjustable for fit and removable if you desire to clean it. 

      The liner is fully removable and washable. There are 4 colours to choose from (Black, Matte Black, Army Green, and Gunny). Rider may wear sunglasses or goggles together with the helmet. The outer shell is made of fibreglass, Kevlar and resin. 

     Obviously it doesnąt provide the protection of a full face helmet in case of an impact at the jaw, although it protects the jaw area just better than a jet helmet. 

    The great advantage though seems to be the bad-ass looks and the need for riders to distinguish ourselves from the crowd, even inside from a helmet! 

     More information soon on any Bell store, as the helmet will be officially presented in the future!