The motorcycle police division Gendarmes at the country of Morbihan in France was provided new helmets back in 2007. 
     Since then the visors have become fogged and scratched, the shell has been flaking and the cushioning is deformed. 
     The policemen are trying for the provision of new helmets. No news from that side although they have met with the minister of Interior. 

      Since formally they are a military force, they donąt have the privilege of striking, only the “right of withdrawal” which is a softer alternative to strike: They can stop working due to safety reasons. 

      The latest information says that 10 new helmets have been sent to the division, although its not certain if this is enough for the policemen to stop their protests. 

      Comment: Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and France seem to have common problems in specific fields, deriving from the financial situation of each country.